TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Something Fishy

Chapter 26

Kristof (finally) became a teenager.

As did all of his friends.

On the left couch is Bryce, Marlene and Karl.  On the right is Micaela and Parker.

He knew he needed to learn mixology for his cooking job when he got out of high school so he got a job as a barista.  He didn’t understand what mixing drinks had to do with cooking but decided the job gave him a reason to learn.

His friends didn’t mind.  They got to try out all of his concoctions.  All non-alcoholic of course at his parents insistence.

Of all of his friends, his cousin Bryce spent the most time at the house.  He came over almost every day after school and didn’t leave until Kristof had to go to bed.  He said his dad was cool but his mom was a nightmare and when Kristof told his dad that Tristan told Bryce he could come over any time and stay as long as he wanted.

In the Holt family you were either a genius or you were creative.  Dante was a computer whiz, Edric was a savant, rocket-scientist and astronaut.  Leigh and Rose were artists, Elijah was a famous composer and Kristof could make magic in the kitchen.  Even Skyla was tech savvy.  Then there came Vaughn.  If it wasn’t for his looks you wouldn’t think he was a Holt at all.  He was active.  He never stopped moving.  His parents put in some monkey bars so he would have an outlet for his energy because he was driving everyone crazy doing pushups and situps all the time.

That wasn’t to say he wasn’t smart.  He was, maybe too smart.  He noticed that his dad and brother would talk a lot in low voices.  Especially when Kristof was cooking.

But when he would ask what they were talking about his dad would give him some lame story like they were talking about recipes.  Why would they whisper about recipes?

After Vaughn had started asking questions Tristan realized that they had made a mistake somewhere but he didn’t know how to fix it.  He didn’t like lying to his son so he would tell him the truth, just leaving out the important part.  He didn’t understand why but his dad had stressed to him that only one of his kids could know the truth about Amira’s existence and their quest to bring her back to life.

He brought his concerns to Kristof who hadn’t noticed that Vaughn was on to them.

With his early morning job Kristof didn’t have much time to spend with Amira as it was.  He didn’t want to cut their time together even more.  She suggested they find a distraction for Vaughn.

Which is how the big camping trip came along.  Tristan thought the best distraction would be to get Vaughn out of the house for a couple of days.

The family all had a great time.  Kristof cooked all the meals and studied his mixology and gourmet cooking books.

The morning before they left Vaughn talked their ears off about the bear he saw while on a hike.  Everyone knew it was a guy in a bear suit so they weren’t worried.

When Vaughn and Skyla went outside for a horseshoe contest Kristof congratulated Tristan on his brilliant plan.

Chapter 27

Chapter notes:
First, I wrote this chapter once already and somehow lost it so I might not have put as much work into it the second time around out of frustration.

I made a mistake with Kristof by not having him do more than one childhood aspiration.  He still hasn’t gotten the Never Weary trait which is almost a must in this challenge.  With the barista job, he goes to sleep at like 8pm so he literally never sees Amira.  I had to wake him up to take the shot of them talking.

A word of advice:  If you’re planning to have your sim read skill books on vacation edit the cabin before they leave and remove the bookcases.  Kristof drove me nuts putting his books into the bookcases and it can’t be canceled out.  I kept having to drag the book out of the bookcase and back into his inventory.

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