TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Family Heirlooms

Chapter 27

Kristof was a good cook.  So good in fact that everyone insisted that he throw a dinner party so that they could sample some of his meals.

After the dinner party was over Parker texted him that there was a big party at the bluffs.  It ended up being a couple elders and some of his parents friends there.  He couldn’t believe he’d stopped cooking his newest experiment for this!

So he went back to his house and started a club meeting instead.  They cooked and chatted.

One morning after work Kristof caught Vaughn eating one of his mom’s grilled cheese.  He laughed and told him he couldn’t believe he was actually eating that when there was a fridge full of gourmet meals!

He did take occasional breaks from cooking to spend time with his friends.

He had a crush on Micaela.  He just didn’t know how to tell her yet.

Tristan got a promotion at work that gave him several free days off every week.  He wasn’t sure what to do with all that free time.  The gardener that Skyla had hired was rubbish so he fired him and started tending his father’s plants himself.

One day he was looking for something to do and he noticed a box under the bed.  Had that always been there?

He got on his knees and pulled it out.  Inside there was a painting and some photographs.  It was hard to tell but he thought that the girl in some of the photos looked like Amira.  A note fell to the floor and he picked it up and read it.


Your grandfather was cleaning
out the attic and found this old
box.  I saved it from the trash
but never knew whether I should
show her or not.  Take care of
our girl.


After showing Kristof and talking to him they decided he should be the one to show Amira.

Kristof was outside grilling when Amira appeared before him all excited and gushing about the photographs of her and her family.

He suggested that she should write down her story.  Something that the family could keep and pass down through the generations.  After all she was always pointing out to Kristof that the Holts had their own legacy going and that he would be the fourth generation.

So she asked Tristan to buy her a diary and every night she added a little more of her story to it.  The father and son loved seeing her so happy and excited.

Chapter 28

Chapter notes:
This chapter seems short now that I’ve written it out.  It was actually almost a week, just not much happened.  I stopped because Vaughn is about to age to teen.  Yay!

I had originally planned to have Tristan find the photos in one of the drawers in his room but after looking at them I decided that the painting canvas wouldn’t fit in there.  I had to unlock the police box and size it up.  

For the diary picture, I had to save the game, age Amira to a teen, have her do homework, take the picture then exit the game.  All that for one picture!  I know there’s some mod that CitizenErased14 uses for her sims to write in their journal but I didn’t see the point for just one shot.

I wrote the rules for the spinoff legacy today so you’ll see tidbits here and there in the last few chapters of the challenge I’m sure.  The diary for example.

5 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Family Heirlooms

  1. I have to say I have a major crush on Kristof – despite the red hair – or maybe because of it – he's a major cutie!!I didn't even notice that was a police box – it seemed so right! And I love the look of her writing in her diary as the boys watch!


  2. Haha you think Kristof is hot wait 'till Vaughn fills out. Whew!It took me forever to find some sort of a box to use that might possibly hold the pictures. It didn't occur to me until I was about to finish that I had no logical reason for Amira having those in her inventory! I'm hoping that the diary will play a big part in the spinoff so I'm super excited about it. Which is why I ended up making that the banner for the story.


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