TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Growing Up

Chapter 28

Vaughn was so happy to finally be a teen like his brother.

He wanted to be an athlete so he started working out right away.

He got a job as a babysitter and practiced silly faces to make at the kids in the mirror.

He was a little nervous about taking care of someone’s kids but he knew the parents so he wasn’t too worried.

Kristof on the other hand, had other worries.  He had asked his mom’s advice about Micaela because his dad always said it was his mom who made the first move.  So when he saw her walking by the house he invited her to stargaze like his mom said she had done with his dad.

Then when she got up and started saying she needed to get home he just kissed her!  Not a little peck on the cheek like mom said dad did but a full on kiss!  He wasn’t sure what had come over him but she didn’t seem to mind.

After that she seemed to forget that she had said she needed to get home.  They chatted for hours and when he asked her to be his girlfriend she seemed way more excited than he had expected.

So Micaela became a fixture in the house, kind of like cousin Bryce.  She was there more than she was at home.

Kristof showed Amira pictures of Micaela that he had taken with his phone.  He couldn’t wait for her to meet her.  She said she was really happy for him.

Cousin Bryce graduated high school and got engaged.  He still visited the house but not as often.  One day he surprised everyone by telling them he had twins on the way!

Kristof wanted to get more experience cooking for a group since he would be working in a restaurant once he graduated so he threw a costume party.  It was a big hit.

Tristan was left cleaning up the dishes but he didn’t mind.  He was happy seeing his family so happy.

Finally, Kristof’s eighteenth birthday came along.  He insisted on making his own cake.  He joined the culinary career and worked even harder on deciphering the recipe for Amira’s ambrosia.

Chapter 29

Chapter notes:
I had my timing way off when I planned all of this out.  I can’t say exactly what I have planned but I thought that maxing the cooking and gourmet cooking would take Kristof into his young adult years.  He has maxed cooking and is level 8 in gourmet cooking.  The only reason he hasn’t maxed that is because I’m not ready for the story to move forward with Amira’s resurrection yet!

5 thoughts on “TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Growing Up

  1. Haha – this always happens to me. My wonderkid maxed both cooking and most of gourmet while still a teenager. I can't wait to see how you end this – and more importantly what you do with Amira next!!!


  2. Looks at the time… well since I slept half the day yesterday it'll only be a few more hours before I publish the last 2 chapters. I'm hoping everyone will be surprised!


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