TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Heart & Soul

Chapter 30

Bloopers and Outtakes

Heart & Soul Succession Laws and Rules

Chapter notes:
Wow where to begin?  First, I had the idea to have Amira marry one of the Holt boys back when Edric was heir, before Tristan was born.  I had considered having Elijah and Alyssa have a boy late in life that she married.  Obviously that didn’t happen but that’s the reason they “couldn’t have kids”.  So yea Vaughn was born for Amira in a way, lol.  

Amira is uncomfortable and confused by Vaughn’s pursuit of her.  For one thing she can remember when he was a baby.  For another, the Holt’s feel like family to her.  It wasn’t until he kissed her that she started to change her mind.  Story-wise it’s been at least a year since Amira’s resurection.  But I’m still doing a challenge here so I couldn’t mess around so this entire chapter was one day in game.  I disabled need decay on everyone so that I could just concentrate on taking all the shots I needed to tell the story that begins Heart & Soul.

Amira got over her snobbishness (obviously, she lives in a tent!) which was replaced by the good trait.  The lot where Amira and Vaughn got married is the lot where my legacy families got married… Amira’s ancestors.  I thought it was suiting.  Plus I didn’t want screenshots of two weddings at the same place especially since the grooms look practically identical.

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