TS4- Heart & Soul 1.0: Succession Laws and Rules

 Heart & Soul Legacy Rules:
  • Strict matriarchy- Only female heirs.
  • Strict traditional- Only blood born children that can draw their lineage to Amira can become heir.
  • Living will- The child with the highest relationship with their grandparent (previous heir) will become heir. 
  • Xenophobic- Heirs cannot be of a different species.
  • The heir will be determined upon the grandparent’s death or when the youngest child ages to young adult, whichever comes first. 
  • Only the females of the family will have the ability. 
  • The Marx heiress must take over the secret family business while still holding a job and having a family.
  • Marx elders must live on the family lot until death.
  • Only autonomous or whim interactions between grandparent and grandchild.  The only exception is if they need to interact for a screenshot.
  • No money cheats.
  • Strict patriarchy- Only male heirs.
  • Modern- Both naturally born and adopted children are eligible to become heir.
  • Exemplar- Only a genius or creative child will be eligible to become heir.
  • Xenophobic- Heirs cannot be of a different species.
  • The secret of Amira’s resurrection will be passed from heir to heir in the form of her diary.
  • All Holt heirs must lead a club.
  • Holt elders can move out to make room but if so must be featured in following chapters.
  • The first born son with one of the required traits will be heir.
  • Aging will remain on normal (only active household) until the Ambrosia challenge is completed.  I will rotate an even amount of time between the two households during that time.  Once Amira has completed her aspiration and Kristof has topped his career this may change.
  • So that their unplayed friends and family won’t age twice as fast as them all friends and family will be moved into houses, marked as played and aged up manually.
  • Cannot change baby’s sex or number of babies using cheats.  Can cancel pregnancy if risky whoohoo results in pregnancy after aging to adult so the child won’t be a teen when they’re an elder.
  • All of the children’s traits and aspirations will be rolled for at birth.
  • Heirs must complete at least one childhood and adult aspiration.
  • Heirs must try to reach the top of their career unless they are doing a non-career activity to earn money, in which case they must spend several hours every day on their money earning activity.
  • Heirs must have at least 2 friends by halfway through childhood.  Must stay good friends with them unless the story requires otherwise.
  • Spares and descendants must be featured in the story in some way.
  • There must be a family photo taken of each generation.
  • No canceling whims for heirs.  The only exceptions are if a sim gets the try for baby whim after aging to adult and when they get whims to interact with random sims that are nowhere near them.  (This may be edited to add others in the future.)
  • All whims should be followed including (especially) the ones I don’t want.  The only exception to this is if following the whim would ruin the current story-line.  If so I have to leave it until it goes away on its own, I cannot cancel it.
  • Each generation should aim to complete more whims than the previous generation.  I will make note of how many whims the heir has completed when the new heir takes over.
  • New heirs take over when they age to young adult unless the heir has not been determined yet.
  • All spirits must be released to the netherworld unless they have unfinished business.

For regular legacy challenge rules and the trait calculator check out Pinstar and ImaginingMystic’s Sims 4 Legacy Challenge site.

For information about the Ambrosia Challenge created by CitizenErased14 go to this forum thread.

I had planned to make this challenge into a legacy from the start thanks to CitizenErased14’s Dust to Dust story.  Through the whole story I thought that Evelyn was the founder of the Ashes to Ashes legacy. 

Thanks goes to JoieWilder and The Thoreau Legacy for the idea to do two legacies at once.

Thanks to frasersim for the Whims and Sims Challenge inspiration for the whim based rules.

Special thanks go out to Darynda Jones’s Charley Davidson book series as the inspiration for the ability that Amira and her daughters will inherit and the resulting family business.

Although Amira is a 13th generation Marx and Kristof is a 4th generation Holt I decided that since this is the start of Heart & Soul to use the 1.0, 1.1, ect numbering system for the chapters.

Chapter 1.1

9 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.0: Succession Laws and Rules

  1. Oh I can't wait to see what antics they get up to. I like how the rules are a combination of different challenges. Are you planning the full 10 generations or just until it feels like a good ending place?


  2. Until it's a good ending place. I am playing the Marx household with most of the regular legacy rules but I'm not scoring it so there's no point in really counting generations.


  3. Yea actually it's better if you don't remember them all then you'll be even more surprised when the heir's are announced. If you pay too much attention to the rules it might end up being obvious although I tried at least in gen one not to show which boy has the needed trait. I ended up just picking the Marx heir.


    1. I thought it would be cool to use the real blood relative of my Marx legacy. The Heart & Soul save is actually one of my oldest saves in the game since I started that legacy the day Pinstar posted the rules.

      The one part of the whimacy rules I’m not doing is not following the kids whims until they become heir.

      Liked by 1 person

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