TS4- Heart & Soul 1.1: Amira’s Curse

Heart & Soul 1.1

Preface: I’ve written and re-written either here or in my mind what I want to say before you start reading the legacy.  It gets published in a few days so I’m running out of time to find the right words.  When I planned the legacy I had a much different idea of how it would go than it has so far.  

I want you to try to look at the first generation as more of a warm-up to things to come.  Kind of building the set as it will be.  Trying to keep these chapters all in a story format was stressing me out and I stopped enjoying it and almost gave up on it entirely.  So just sit back, enjoy the insanity and know that there are big things on the horizon. 

Amira was so happy that she had given in to Vaughn’s advances.  It was just strange to her to have a man interested in her that she could remember seeing as a baby.  The Holt’s were like family to her.  She’d seen Edric, Tristan and Kristof grow up.  Luckily she’d only seen Vaughn once as a baby or it would be even stranger to have fallen in love with him.  She loved him but she kept secrets from him.  The secrets were eating away at her but she didn’t know how to tell him.

How do you tell your husband you used to be a ghost and that you see ghosts?  The first time was at Kristof and Micaela’s wedding.  Amira had gone downstairs to use the restroom… and escape Vaughn, when she saw them.  They stopped playing and looked right at her.

Then on their first date at the coffee shop there was a woman sitting at the next table.  She realized quickly that Vaughn couldn’t see her.  She was very uncomfortable and asked if they could cut the date short.

The day that Vaughn proposed he had gone to the bathroom when the woman from the coffee shop appeared.  Amira took the chance and tried talking to her.  To her surprise the woman responded.  She told Amira about her twin sister and that she had ruined their relationship by cheating with her sister’s husband.  She felt that she couldn’t move on until her sister knew that she was sorry.  As Vaughn returned the ghost dissipated and once he proposed she forgot all about the strange encounter.

They refused any money that Tristan tried to give them as a wedding present to build a house.  They wanted to make it on their own.  The land he had bought for Amira was more than enough.

She got a job as an entertainer and used the instruments on public lots to practice since they couldn’t afford walls let alone anything else.

Vaughn, of course, got a job in the athletic field.  He was starting off as just a locker room attendant but insisted they visit the gym every day so he could keep in shape.

Amira wasn’t much for sweaty exercise so she suggested to the gym owners that they buy a few yoga mats.

Their home was pretty boring so they went out a lot.  Amira had met Misty at Kristof’s wedding.  She was married to his friend Karl.  She saw her outside a shop one day and they started talking.  They became friends.

Over time the encounter at the park with the ghost began to bother Amira.  She felt that she should do something to bring the spirit peace.  So after using the computer at the library to find the ghost’s sister she traveled to Oasis Springs to visit the house listed online.  She had no idea what she would say to her or how she would explain but she felt she had to try.

She was horrified when instead of a woman greeting her at the door it was the Grim Reaper!  He told her she was too late, the woman’s time had come.

Amira begged Grim to just give her a chance to speak to the woman first so that the ghost could find her peace.

To her surprise he agreed.  He resurrected the woman, Courtney, and went to sit in the other room while Amira spoke to her.

The old woman was disoriented but she believed Amira’s story seeing as how she had just been brought back from the dead.

She told Amira that she had forgiven her sister long ago.  She said she had done her a favor and that her ex-husband had cheated with other women too and she didn’t know it until after her sister confessed to her what had happened.  Her sister died young but Courtney had a full life with her second husband and didn’t regret a thing.  She thanked Amira then told Grim she was ready to go.  They both disappeared before Amira’s eyes.

She was so happy that she could help.  But by the time she got back to their lot she wasn’t feeling so happy anymore.  She couldn’t keep a secret like this from her husband.  Grim was right.  Her gift of a new life was a curse as well.

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:
Surprise!  I got the idea of Amira’s ability to see ghosts from the Charley Davidson book series.  In that series Charley is actually the grim reaper but that would have been goofy.  I will draw more of the story from that book series in the future.

Originally I had planned to get Amira a job in law enforcement because it fit the story better but after only a few hours on the job I had her quit.  I find that career so annoying.  Since she’s a music lover she’s in the entertainer career instead.

There were 2 elderly ladies in houses that Amira could visit.  I picked one and sent her there.  My plan was to have her sit down and talk to the woman and that would be the end of it… on with the story right?  So Amira knocks on the door and the freaking grim reaper appeared behind her!  She enters the house and the woman is dead on the floor!  I had to do some quick thinking.  For some reason Amira had a death flower in her inventory and she gave it to grim to spare the woman’s life.  Sheesh.  But it turned out a lot better story-wise than just talking to some elderly woman!  Yay for odd twists of fate!

I had to cut my time with them short because while at the gym Micaela was there and she went into labor!  So I had to leave Amira and Vaughn to play Kristof and Micaela to have the baby.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.1: Amira’s Curse

  1. Oooh, looking forwar to seeing how this turns out. I love the idea that she can see ghosts. I'm glad you kept up with sharing, in whatever format.


  2. Unfortunately there are no more ghost sightings until like chapter 10ish. I've got another one planned out on paper and find I'm just not in the mood for the whole “posing” thing right now. Totally disappointed in myself. LOL


  3. This is such a cool start/continuation! I really love the way that elements from the game (like the ghosts showing up and the old woman dying) are incorporated! That makes it so neat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, the ghosts were my doing. I placed them there during the wedding and her and Vaughn’s courtship and took the photos to use as flashbacks in this chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

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