TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.3: The Zanieness Returns!

Chapter 2.3

My last ISBI Challenge post was on 10/26/14.  The last time I played the save was 12/08/14.  After re-reading the posts that I had written I had expected Lanie to be chubby and her to be just friends with they guy Noah that she had invited to live with her and her mom.  Instead she is rail thin and recently pregnant with an almost full pink relationship bar with Noah.  I do have a vague memory of her taking a Insta-Lean potion but that’s about it.  From what I can tell there was a chapter that I never wrote… most likely because my computer died.

Another thing that I found weird was that aging was disabled for all but the current household.

After just a day playing them I decided not to continue giving the kids the insane trait since it’s not a requirement in the rules.

One thing I can’t understand is why I got them such a huge house?  The worst part is that everything in the house is the cheapest made from the appliances to all the plumbing so it’s all breaking constantly.

So here he is.  Lanie’s man Noah.

I decided they might as well get married so Lanie proposes.

I had them elope and in the middle of the vows she stops and acts sick, it was pretty funny.

So now they’re married, yay!

Lanie goes into the bathroom and Noah starts doing pushups.  Showing off his manly strength.

Actually he’s just active… and clumsy which makes it really funny to watch him on the treadmill because he keeps tripping.

Janie makes one painting after another autonomously.

Lanie finally goes into labor.

It’s a girl.  I named her Tess.

Gotta have at least two kids so it’s time to try for another baby.

While they’re upstairs trying for a baby Janie is passing away downstairs.

Lanie shows up just in time.

No Noah, talking to her won’t make her stop crying.

Mom to the rescue.

And miraculously Tess is now a child!  Unfortunately she does not have her mom’s violet eyes so the baby will be heir unless it doesn’t have them either.

She didn’t have school and both of the parents had work so I took her to the park and just made the camera follow her while she wandered around.

She walked all the way to the other end of the park to give her uncle Robi a hug.

Then she walked over and talked to this kid Blake.

And this one named Lex.  She only needs to meet one more sim for her social butterfly first level to complete.  But Lanie was getting off of work so she went home.

That night Lanie gave birth to a boy I named Van.

Chapter 2.4

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