TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.4: One Happy Family

Chapter 2.4

Tess trying to calm her brother down.  I could only assign her a bed once and he kept waking her up every night.  She ended up staying up the rest of the night each time then sleeping after school.

Uncle Robi was a frequent visitor.  Like seriously he called constantly wanting to come over to visit.

Despite having the mean trait Noah is a really sweet sim.  He’s always talking to the kids and autonomously kissing Lanie on the cheek.  The top photo is a pose that I keep forgetting to take out of my mods folder.  I just thought it was too cute not to take a pic.

Erm Noah?  You’re supposed to feed the baby not show it how to do sit-ups.

Mwahahahaha the focused painting does it’s job.  Tess is very close to having an A in school.

Van finally ages up.  He doesn’t have the violet eyes and he rolled his dad’s mean trait so I decide Tess will be heir.  He is a cutie though.

I was just waiting for Van to age up to get them a new house.  I couldn’t stand the old one I had gotten back in the day.  I like more of a modern style not old fashioned granny style.  This is Amaryllis by pronterus who I know from the forums.  I LOVE this house!

With a mathematical diagram in each of the kids bedrooms and focused decor in the office lots of homework got done.

The kids spent a lot of time together.  It was really cute.

That boy, Lex, that Tess met at the park came home from school with her.

Lanie baked herself a cake and aged to adult.  Both Lex and her brother Robi were in the house and the rest of the family too but for some reason as soon as I qued blow out candles they all went upstairs.  So no happy family birthday photo.  😦

She gets an adult makeover.  She’d been wearing that same dress and hairstyle since she aged to teen.

Upstairs Van meets uncle Robi and completes the first part of his Social Butterfly aspiration.  Tess completed it too… I just can’t figure out when she met the 5th person.  I’m hoping they get their social up to 5 so I can use their one-time controlling them to make them best friends with their mom or dad since their relationship is almost high enough.  How is it that one of the hardest childhood aspirations is so easy (at least the first part) autonomously?  I mean seriously, their family counted as sims they met when they aged to child.

Hopefully clicking ok when a kid wants to play hookey from school isn’t against the rules.  If so oh well, I’m doing this for fun anyway.  This is the first kid she met Blake.

Hey the nightclub closet has other uses, who knew?  I had so much fun watching her play in it.  I’ve never watched them before and it’s so funny!

Chapter 2.5

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