TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.5: Weekend Outtings

Chapter 2.5

The cool thing about having Tess go to the park the day she aged up to child is that she brings home a friend from school almost every day, this day it was Blake.

I have Lanie chat with Tess until their friendship is high enough for them to become best friends.

Nice that you wanna kiss her Noah but do you have to do it while sick?  Not being able to control the sick sims to cure them sucks because they just keep spreading it around.

Van chatting with Lex after school one day.

On Saturday the kids didn’t have school and the parents didn’t have work so I decided to have them go to the park.  When Lanie traveled there I had her invite the kids that she knew and her brother Robi.

They met a new kid, Francisco, the one with the black hat.

There were two other kids that they didn’t know and unfortunately they never talked to them while they were there.  As you can see the family had a great time.

Well, until they all decided to eat something that someone made that wasn’t very good.  They all got an uncomfortable moodlet.  Tess ran all over the park collecting dirty dishes.  While at the park she finished the second part of her Social Butterfly aspiration by getting social level 5.

The next morning hanging out with dad watching cartoons while mom sleeps in.

When Lanie woke up they went to the pool with the other kids in tow.  There was a cute new kid, Andrew, there and Tess would be aging up soon so I used her one time controlling her to have her introduce herself to him.  It’s funny Tess met all the boys first but Van is friends with them all and she is only acquaintances.  I’m so glad I picked Tess as heir though because so far there haven’t been any little girls.

It was still early when they left the pool so I figured the other kids could come home with them.  After they got there there was a flash of light and both Francisco and Lex aged up to teen!

Even townie kids fall prey to the focused aura in almost every room!

Just like she did with Tess, Lanie chats with Van until they can become best friends.  He’s almost to level 5 social already so he’ll definitely get the next level of his aspiration.

I realized that Noah was about to age up to adult and I hadn’t used my one time controlling him yet so I had him practice programming.  The funny thing is I couldn’t stop him so he did it for hours until he almost peed himself!  He’ll get a promotion next time he goes to work.

Speaking of birthdays… it’s finally time for Tess to age up!  But you’ll have to wait ’till the next post to see her.

Chapter 2.6

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