TS4- Heart & Soul 1.4: A Bit Odd

Chapter 1.4

With three annoying toddlers crawling all over the place Issac was so happy that his grandparents had a room all for his own built in the basement.

The rest of the house was hectic and noisy so he spent a lot of time downstairs in his room.

Unless of course someone took some time away from taking care of the triplets to spend with him.

Which his mom did a lot.  His dad worked so he didn’t spend as much time with him.

He really liked talking to people but when he ran out to say hello to the man walking down the street his mom came out and told him that it was not okay to talk to strangers.  Even if this one wasn’t technically a stranger he was a great uncle.

He met another relative while playing at the park.  Her name was Juliana Summers and she was something like a second cousin?  Her dad was Bryce Summers who was his dad’s cousin.

Since they were taking Isaac to the park Kristof and Micaela decided to start a club gathering.  They just stood around and talked.  Mostly about kids.  Karl and his wife Misty and Parker and Micaela’s twin sister Marlene were expecting babies soon.

Isaac was quite a character.  He never stopped talking.

He was quick to make friends.

He spent hours in the kids chat room on the computer in his grandparents bedroom.

He just marched to the beat of his own drum so to speak.

When Micaela walked into the room to find Isaac in what appeared to be an animated conversation she was confused.

She asked her mother-in-law if he was talking to her and she muttered no he’d been chatting away telling himself a story for hours then she went back to her game.

He was happy and that’s all that mattered.  Even if he was a bit odd.

Chapter 1.5

Chapter notes:
Argh this chapter was so frustrating to write!  The triplets are “toddlers” sight unseen and so I had to hold back all of the pics I took of them.  It’s going to seem unfair in the next Holt chapter because Isaac gets a chapter pretty much dedicated to him and they’ll have to share one.

He aged up with that hat and I was just like yes that’s Isaac!  I love it.

Karl and Misty had a boy named Case.  Marlene and Parker had a boy named Johnny.

The picture of Issac making the book talk I actually took when playing the Marx household.  Amira was at the library and when I saw him I just cracked up.  He’s such a character!  The challenge will be showing the triplets individual personalities as well.  

All I gotta say about playing a 8 sim household with 4 children is wow is it hectic!  I want to go hide in Isaac’s room!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.4: A Bit Odd

  1. Haha, I would be in Issac's room all the time!! I love using what they age up in to find personality quirks, I'll edit or recolor often, but I do try to keep as much as I can. It'll be fun to watch him grow up and maybe it'll help having little siblings around.


  2. Yea Isaac's great. My only real rule about keeping what they age up in is if they age up with glasses I keep them, I might change the type to match their clothes or personality better but that's my one hard and fast rule. Sometimes, like with Vaugh, when they age up they look absolutely nothing like what they should and it's actually comical. Can you believe that in my first legacy I rarely changed the clothes they aged up in? Looking back all my sims look so goofy! Worst dressed millionaires ever!


  3. Yes that room was pretty bright wasn't it? It was just something I got off the gallery and plopped into the basement. You'll see my building skills at work there in the bloopers and outtakes.


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