TS4- Heart & Soul 1.5: Home Improvements

Chapter 1.5

Amira wanted to have another baby but when she talked to Vaughn about it he said absolutely not.  He insisted they have more than a shelter built of stone and aluminum.  But with their jobs making so little Amira was afraid that Tate would be a teenager by the time they had a real house.  When she was visiting Micaela she mentioned Vaughn’s worries to her and Micaela had a great idea.  She said that when she was out looking for collectables she saw wild flowers and plants everywhere.  She knew of a herbalist that would pay good money for them.

When Vaughn was home with Tate Amira started picking all the plants and flowers she could find.

She even started her own garden with some seeds she’d found.

Vaughn caught on to Amira’s enthusiasm and started gathering too.

It took a few years of selling plants and flowers but they finally had a real house.  It was small but it was a huge improvement on their old house.

By then Tate was five years old.

It was actually Vaughn who brought up the subject of a baby this time.

It wasn’t long before she was announcing that they were pregnant.

This pregnancy was a little rougher than she remembered with Tate.

She was sick all the time and when she wasn’t throwing up she was in bed sleeping.

Tate made friends easily.  Like the little girl he met at the park named Delany.

They played for hours and became good friends.

Tate’s parents spent time with him when they could.  But they worked a lot.

Vaughn took Tate to the gym with him and they would swim instead of using the gym equipment.

His hard work paid off and Vaughn was promoted to mascot.  It was a step up from locker room attendant but it sure wasn’t a pro athlete either!

While his parents worked Tate had to find ways to entertain himself.

He didn’t mind.  He found all kinds of fun things to do.

One day his mom took him to see a huge mansion.  She said that she used to live there when she was a little girl.  She was sad because they were tearing it down.  He wondered why the house his mom lived in was so old that it needed to be torn down.  He couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to live in a house so huge!

Speaking of huge… his mom’s belly was enormous!  She said there was a baby in there but he couldn’t figure out how.  He hadn’t decided if he was excited about being a big brother or not.  He’d see when the baby was born.

Chapter 1.6

Chapter notes:
I really wanted them to have another baby but I just couldn’t see Vaughn agreeing to it in the little shack they were living in.  They made quite a bit from the flowers they gathered.  I have no idea why there were no dig sites any where they went.

The art table and toybox for Tate costed a small fortune I swear!

I was dying to have that nooboo in this chapter but it was time to switch to the Holts and she still had a day left.  So it’s sort of a cliffhanger I guess.

5 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.5: Home Improvements

  1. Ooh , I'm glad she could pitch in and help build the new house. It's adorable. I think my fav picture is of Tate playing in the puddles!


  2. That's my awesome building skill at work there. LOL He was autonomously playing in the puddle and I just had to take a picture it was so cute. Poor kid was home alone at lot at first.


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