TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.6: Teenhood

Chapter 2.6

Here she is teen Tess!  I didn’t change much about her when she aged up just the color of her shorts, her shoes and makeup… and her other outfits.  What I was trying to say is I didn’t change her hair or main outfit other than the shorts color, lol.

Lanie puts more candles on the cake and invites over the kid’s friend Blake.  He’s the only one that Lanie is friends level with, the rest are acquaintances.  She uses the cake to age him up as well.  He’s got a really cute face, it’s going to be hard to pick between the three.

Neither of them went to school that day so they just hung out and did homework.  Lanie started high school with a B since she had an A in gradeschool so I’m hoping to get her an A in high school as well.  I just have to figure out how to get her a skill to 3.

Once again I still haven’t taken this pose out of my mods folder.  It’s super annoying because it cycles through like 5 poses and the last one is broken so they get stuck for like half an hour with the kid floating in the air.

Noah came home from work one day looking like this.  He was not happy.

As usual, uncle Robi was at the house often.  I’m hoping that Van keeps up the pattern when he moves out.

Just thought they looked cute.

On Saturday the family goes to the park again.  Tess chatting with Francisco and Blake.

I keep forgetting that Van’s even better friends with the boys than Tess is.  Here he’s chatting with Lex.  He got his social skill up to 5 while at the park and completed the 2nd level of his aspiration.

Ah what’s a teen without a bathroom selfie?  Err with a broken sink.

I had added some stuff to the park last time they were here, one of them being the fountain.

I’m thinking Francisco might be a loner because he was tense all day.  Unfortunately I can’t control Tess to discover the boy’s traits and Lanie had left for work by the time I’d thought of it.

I basically spent the whole park trip just watching Tess so I didn’t notice that Van was tired in time.  I had them travel home when I realized he was about to pass out but it was too late.  -5 points for me.

Time for Van to join his sister in teenhood.

Chapter 2.7

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