TS4- Heart & Soul 1.6: Heartbroken

Chapter 1.6

Even with four kids Kristof and Micaela found alone time together.

Keeley, Keegan and Kyler were quite a handful as babies and toddlers.  They were a little easier to deal with as children, giving the parents a bit of relief.

Keegan and Kyler were inseparable.  They became best friends and partners in crime, planning tricks to play at school.

If Kyler wasn’t with Keegan he could be found at the little park by the house just enjoying nature.

When Keeley showed a liking for Vaughn’s old monkey bars everyone thought she might be athletic like her uncle.

But usually shortly after starting to play she’d find someplace to take a nap.

Isaac, of course was always chattering away to whoever would listen… or just to himself.

Life in the Holt household took on a new routine.  A bit more relaxed than in the last few years.

The kids made new friends including Case See and their cousin Tate.

Now that all of their kids were in school the parents had more time with their friends.  Like visiting Case’s mom and dad Misty and Karl to see their new house.

Tristan and Skyla enjoyed their time with their grandkids but they enjoyed their time alone together even more.

And they left this world together as well.  Both passing away at the same time.

The family was heartbroken.

Chapter 1.7

Chapter notes:
Forget the family being heartbroken.  I’m heartbroken.  I got the warnings that it was almost their time but I thought I still had more time with them than I did.  I never even got to take a pic with them and the grandkids.  I’m so sad.

This chapter was supposed to be all about getting to know the triplets.  With 8 sims in the house and the kids going to school during the day then filling their needs and doing homework at night I really didn’t have enough time to take the shots that I wanted to take.  Then the grandparents died and everyone was depressed.

6 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.6: Heartbroken

  1. I spend half my time taking pictures when I play. It's why I have my ISBI 4 game for when I burn out on screen shotting no pictures no story there.I'm so sad to see Tristen and Skyla go. They made wonderful children though. Love the triplets!


  2. I recently started playing my ISBI challenge again now that you mention it. But I screen shot it. It's like bloopers and outtakes in every chapter! It's been the perfect break from posing for shots in this story.I was devastated when Tristan and Skyla died. They did make wonderful children. Next time around I will make sure to take pictures of the grandparents with the grandkids as soon as they age to child just in case!


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