TS4- Heart & Soul 1.7: Baby fever

Chapter 1.7

Amira gave birth to a little girl that they named Faithe.

Tate was really excited about his sister.  He just wished she could play with him already.

Life was hectic with a baby and work but the parents made sure to take time out to spend with Tate.

They decided that they could afford to build another room for one more child onto the house so they started trying for a baby and were soon pregnant.

The sad day came when Kristof told them the bad news.  Tristan and Skyla had died.

Kristof stayed awhile to play with his new niece before heading back home.

Isaac became a frequent visitor saying that his house was too crazy with the triplets.

Amira splurged and bought her own guitar so that she didn’t have to travel to the club to use theirs to practice.

When Tate showed an interest she splurged again and bought him a violin since there were no child sized guitars.

There was a new park in Willow Creek and the kids wanted to check it out.  Tate went with his cousins and his friend Delany.

They met a boy named Aiden Shelton there.  He said that he was a triplet too but he had two brothers.

Tate joked that the kids with red hair had to stick together.

Faithe was growing in leaps and bounds and would be a toddler soon.  Amira was due to have her baby any day.  They added a room onto the house for Faithe and planned to keep the new baby in Faithe’s cradle in the main room.

Chapter 1.8

Chapter notes:
I’m really doing a poor job of telling any kind of story with this legacy but it’s like they’re either doing their task for work or working.  It’s very frustrating.  I do have plans to expand on Amira’s ability to see ghosts but c’mon how often should she really see one?  It would get kinda old if she saw one in every chapter right?  I had actually planned to do it in this chapter but something came up that distracted me. 

Thanks go out to Koffee for this YouTube video explaining how to get babies out of the bassinet!

6 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.7: Baby fever

  1. Some late night reading before I head to bed. Since I saw the next chapter…spoilers! But inside I am laughing the entire time I'm reading this.


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