TS4- Heart & Soul 1.10: First Family Photo

Chapter 1.10

After baby Jasper was born and Isaac aged to teen the family decided to get a family photo taken.

Although at first everyone was a bit unhappy about the idea of a baby they all soon warmed up to the idea.  Especially after he was born.  While they had a new room built in the basement for him he stayed in his parents bedroom.

Isaac was excited to be a teen.

His room was remodeled to suit his tastes.

He started practicing cooking but wasn’t very good at it.

Despite his age he was still a bit odd.

Since Tate’s house was full of three little toddlers getting into everything he became a frequent visitor.

Cousin Bryce still stopped by now and then but was busy with two teens of his own.

After his brother Vaughn pointed out his belly to Kristof he started working out every day.  He knew he’d never be built like his brother but figured staying healthy couldn’t hurt.  It was all those years of tasting his own food.

Chapter 1.11

Chapter notes:
Yea, this chapter is short.  First, it took almost a full day to get the family photo.  Second, I took some pics with the UI up and didn’t realize it until I was going to post them on here.  Third, I had Isaac invite over his cousins and friend to show them as teens twice and both times it said they were coming over and they never did.  Lastly, I was trying to get all the triplets aspirations completed before they age to teen.  

I had no idea what to name the baby and ended up clicking the randomizer until I saw Jasper.  I was thinking of Jasper from Twilight but after I chose the name I realized it sounds like Casper.  Woopsie.

4 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.10: First Family Photo

  1. Nah, one of my good friends is a Jasper. Excellent name. Hopefully he won't be too cool her end steal TAtes place in my heart….although Isaac came close , he's totally adorable here.


  2. I love your Issac .. I only had girls but Isaac (laughter) was my name of choice for a boy each time .. I fancy my boy would have marched to the beat of his own drum as this Issac seems to. Excellent choice on nursery furnishings .. Severinka is one of my very FAV artists!


  3. Yes, Isaac is quite the character. He had personality from the start where I struggled with some of the others in this generation. Since I have a strict patriarchy in the Holt's and strict matriarchy in the Marx's having only boys/girls when I needed the other would have been disastrous. I guess I would have had to re-write the rules!As to the crib creator I feel kinda bad but I decided not to write down the creators of my custom content because I got so much at one time. Now I feel guilty that you know who made it and I didn't. I think I will start making note of custom content as well. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


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