TS4- Heart & Soul 1.11: The Real Curse

Chapter 1.11

The house that Vaughn and Amira had built little by little over the years just wasn’t big enough.  They had tried to figure out how to add on to it to make it more appropriate for a large family but there just wasn’t any way.  Even though they had refused any money from the Holt family they did take them up on the offer to harvest and sell the garden produce.

Vaughn got a promotion and they sold some of the old house’s materials for scrap and Amira started making money off of writing jingles.  Altogether this gave them enough to buy one of those pre-fab homes that only takes only a few days for the builders to construct on site.  It had four bedrooms, one big enough for three beds for the triplets, and four bathrooms.

By then the triplets were no longer toddlers.

Everyone laughed to see the red-headed brood playing at the park.

Amira and Vaughn were just getting cozy on the other side of the park when they were interrupted.

Tate and Alek came over complaining that the girls were making up stories about an old man and that they were even pretending to talk to him.  Vaughn gave Amira a worried look and told her maybe she should handle this one.

As Amira drew closer to her girls she understood why Vaughn had asked her to go.  He seemed to have a suspicion, a correct one, that she had never imagined.

Not sure what to say to the girls she asked them to go find their dad and that she would talk to the nice man.  Just don’t mention him to her brothers anymore.  They seemed confused but listened to her and left.

With a sob she sat down on the bench next to the ghost.  He introduced himself as Sebastian Crouse but said that everyone had always called him Bastian.

Amira pulled out her cellphone and began to talk to Bastian being sure not to look at him so that nobody in the park would think she was talking to herself.  She asked him if he had any unfinished business and if there was anything that she could do to help him move on.

With a laugh he said he was going to ask her if there was anything he could do to help.  He explained that his daughter’s family was having a really hard time when he passed and he stuck around to watch over them.  He pointed out a little blonde boy on the monkey bars and said that was his great-grandson Gabe.

At first Amira had started to deny needing Bastian’s help but then a thought came to her.  If her girls could see him and Kristof and his father and grandfather had been able to see her perhaps some of the Holt children could see ghosts as well.  So she had Vaugh call Micaela over to the house to study a crystal he’d found and she made her way to the house with Bastian.  She quickly explained the situation to Kristof and with a worried look he called all of the kids into the living room.

Kristof and Amira chatted as if it was a normal visit from their aunt while Bastian floated around the children to see if any of them looked at him.  None did.

Kristof thanked Bastian for his time and he left.  Kristof seemed relieved but Amira was more upset than before.

When she got home they called the girls into the living room and told the boys to stay upstairs.  The boys thought that the girls were in trouble for making up stories.  While Vaughn stood silently next to her Amira explained her history and that somehow only they could see the ghosts.  When Faithe started crying she assured her that she didn’t see them often and that they were just spirits with unfinished business.  Addison just stared blankly at her mother while she talked but Avery got excited and started asking questions.  The parents told them for now let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and they were absolutely not allowed to tell anyone about this.

They called the boys downstairs and said it’s homework time.  Trying to give everyone as much normalcy as possible.

That night Amira sat up watching Vaughn sleep and thinking of the day of her resurrection.  When she had first encountered a ghost she was sure that was the curse that Grim had spoken of that night.  But now sitting in a house filled with children she realized the sad truth: her children, at least some of them, would be cursed as well.  Would it be passed to their own children as well?

Chapter 1.12

Chapter notes:
Whew!  It’s all been leading up to this!  All those chapters with not much exciting happening and finally the plot thickens.  I still have more planned.  I just haven’t figured it all out yet. 

The Marx’s new house is Sherrie’s Suburban by ruthless_kk.  

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