TS4- Asylum Challenge: Field Trip

Chapter 3

Back to the grindstone… err I mean painting over and over.  Gotta pay those huge bills somehow!

Sebastian had to view 3 paintings at the museum to complete part of his aspiration and everyone has to go if he leaves so here they are at the museum in Oasis Springs.
(I was a little shocked when I looked inside… I don’t think I’ve actually taken any sims to this museum before!)

They view the 3 paintings as a group and would have stayed longer but it seemed like everyone’s needs were messed up except Sebastian’s so they went back to the Asylum.

It seems like the only sim that Sebastian ever gets whims to talk to is Minnie, the blue haired lady.

Sebastian was awoken out of a deep sleep by the smell of smoke!  Allysa had set fire to the stove.  The stove and one of the counters was destroyed.  He bought a better stove and upgraded it.

While Cameron struts around in his speedo Sebastian repairs and upgrades the sink and refrigerator.

He was really bored one day and in a mischievous mood so he told Minnie that he was a criminal mastermind.  She was so shocked she started avoiding him.

Later he started spreading a nasty rumor to Gary and a few of the others.

While Sebastian sleeps the shower breaks and everyone starts getting stinky.  Melanie decides to combat the problem by skinny dipping in the pool then walking around naked after.

The toilet also breaks while he’s sleeping so poor Sebastian has to repair both before he can eat his grilled cheese breakfast.

Once the shower is fixed Cameron kept trying to take 2 books into the shower with him.  He kept getting in then getting out over and over.  He finally gave up and never took a shower.

Later Gary did the same thing.  He kept trying to sleep with a book in his hand and getting back out of bed over and over.  Silly sims.

Chapter 4

Chapter notes:
Well, I haven’t played this challenge in at least a month.  I find it extremely boring.  After reading a friend’s version of the challenge I’m trying to think of a way to make it more interesting.  I’m a little annoyed with myself for forgetting that this sim is named Sebastian since I named a sim in my legacy story the same.  Oh well.  Any ideas for livening things up are welcome! 

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