TS4- Heart & Soul 1.12: Making Housecalls

Chapter 1.12

As the baby of the Holt household Jasper found ways to entertain himself.  No one knew whether he hung out in his grandparent’s old room to listen to music or to look at all the neat stuff.

Keegan got a slablet for his birthday and spent his spare time trolling the forums.

Kyler went out of his way to entertain his younger brother when he wasn’t outside.

Keeley could either be found napping or fishing.

Which is how she met Dae Shin.  He lives in Willow Creek so she wasn’t sure why he was hanging out by her neighborhood pond but she was glad to have met him.

Keegan had the brilliant idea to visit all their friends houses…

First they went to Case’s house.

Then Delaney’s.

Then their cousin’s Judah and Juliana’s.

They finally met their friend Aiden’s brothers Glen and Floyd.  They were triplets too.

Then Isaac’s friend Tevin’s house.

Last they went to their cousin Johnny’s.  He wouldn’t let them inside.  Something about a stolen dinosaur toy.

Since their dad was a famous chef they invited all the other teens to a house party.

It was packed.

For some reason two of the Shelton triplets showed up all burnt.

The party was a big success… just a bit hectic.

Chapter 1.13

Chapter notes:
Argh!  This chapter was so frustrating.  I had this idea that I would throw a party and have all of their friends come so that I could show what they looked like as teens.  I threw 2 parties in a row and got 4 pics.  It was just too hard.  I kept trying to get them rallied together into good shots but it just wasn’t happening.  Hence the housecalls.  Yea they happened after the party but I figured this way when you saw everyone at the party you would have been told who they were from the housecalls.  Well, except Tate… he’s the redhead in the blue shirt.

Kristof achieved his aspiration.  🙂  Now he’s just got to get the last 2 levels to top his career.

2 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.12: Making Housecalls

  1. Haha. Playing with time is fine. I often lie terribly in my screenshots…as you've discovered. It's part of the story weaving process in my opinion.Love all the sims! I too struggle to give friends and even siblings extra attention in legacies…there's only so much time availble.


  2. Yes the struggle is even more difficult because I didn't want to give away who the heirs are. So I tried to give everyone an equal amount of attention so that readers can pick favorites that they hope will be the heirs for the next generation.I plan to go at a much slower pace in gen two which will hopefully give me the opportunity to pay attention to all of the “supporting cast” or whatever you want to call the friends and extended family!


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