TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.7: End of the Second Generation

Chapter 2.7

Van aged up to teen.  He turned out pretty handsome.

They needed to get one skill up to 3 to get an A in highschool so I got a motion gaming rig and of course they took the bait.  There’s a good side and a bad side to these things… once they start they don’t stop for hours which meant they only needed to use it like twice each to get their skill to 3.  The problem is they wouldn’t stop to sleep or eat or anything else!  As soon as they both got their skill up I sold the darned thing.

Although I can control Lanie I don’t have her do much.  She cooks and cleans and works on her tasks for her Tech Guru career.  Since she’s on the computer almost all the time that she’s home I end up just watching the rest of them live out their lives.

Apparently mom and dad’s room is the place to be.  They do their homework in there, eat in there and stand (or sit) around and chat.

Van is a hugger.  He’s always autonomously hugging someone in the house.

Since I couldn’t make Tess ask the boys their traits I had Lanie do it.  Francisco is hot-headed and a loner.  I’m not too keen on passing the loner trait to the next generation and well hot-headed can’t go into my decision as you’ll see.

Lex is also hot-headed and a genius.

And for the third time in a row… Blake is hot-headed and a music lover.

Just some random cute park shots.

So (at the time) I figured Lex’s 2nd trait of genius was the best and used Tess’s one action to have her flirt with him hoping it would spark some more autonomous flirting.  It did not.  They talked for a minute and she went to go play horseshoes.  Later I realized there’s still their 3rd trait to consider and what if he ages up with something horrible?

So when they leave the park they bring the boys home with them.  Not much happened but I thought this was cute with Lex looking over at them all from the living room.

Lanie had to work and I wanted them to go somewhere so I sent them to meet their new aunt Talia who had married uncle Robi.  After getting there I realized that I couldn’t have one of them knock on the door or introduce themselves.  They stood around for a couple of minutes and then I sent them home.

Twice now I’ve looked at the character panel and saw that Noah isn’t home.  Just thought it was funny so I took pics.

And the moment I’ve been waiting for!  Tess ages up to young adult.  The second generation has ended.  Lanie needs 5% more to max gaming to get her final promotion so hopefully she autonomously plays games.  I ended up having her take a vacation day so that she could stay home and force herself to game all day but she didn’t max it in time for Tess to age up.

Chapter 3.1

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