TS4- Heart & Soul 1.14: Date the Heir

Chapter 1.14

Jasper was bored.  His brothers and sister took him to the park then left him at the playground.  There were no other kids there so he went looking for his siblings.

He found Keeley fishing at the back of the park.  She seemed distracted and told him to go look for the others.

His brothers and second-cousin Jonah were looking at some video on their phones that they all thought was really funny.  He told them that he wanted to go home and they left to get Keeley.

Jasper had said he saw Keeley fishing back here but her brothers saw something entirely different.

Keenan wanted to go punch Dae in the face for kissing his sister.  She was only 15!  But Isaias calmed him down reminding him he was 15 too.  He said if anyone should be upset it’s him, he’s the eldest at 17 and has never had a girlfriend!  He suggested that they ditch Jasper with Keeley and go somewhere to meet girls.

They headed to a club along with Case, Aiden and Tate.  They met some girls outside and introduced themselves.

It was already pretty late when they headed to the club and after only a few hours of chatting with the girls and dancing they’re all ready to head home to bed.

A couple days later they invite some of the girls that they met over to the house.  At first they all hang out in the living room chatting together.

Then Isaac asks Misty to go outside and talk.  He’s a little intimidated because she’s so pretty but she keeps smiling at him so he takes that as a good sign.

When Kassandra moves over to the other couch Kyler sits with her and tells her his best jokes.

Keenan chatted a lot with Mariela at the club.  They become good friends.

And partners in crime.  They devise a plan to fill the bathroom at school with tiny water cups.

Speaking of crime… Keenan has taken an interest in the computer lately.  His parents think he’s going to be a programmer like his grandmother.  What they don’t realize is that he’s become quite a skilled hacker.

Kyler on the other hand has started writing a book.  It’s a comedy about a camping trip gone wrong.

Isaac has dubbed himself the “grill master”.  When Micaela questions him about the amount of fluid he’s using he just laughs and tells her to let the master do his work!

Lastly in this crazy house are the parents.  In their early fourtys now, Kristof is almost at the top of his career and Micaela spends her time finding collectables and tending the garden.  She only needs 8 frogs to complete her collection.

Chapter 1.15

Chapter notes:
I ended up rearranging the pictures into some semblance of a story.  I swear when it comes to the Holt’s they just take control and next thing I know it’s almost time to switch back to the Marx’s.

Date the Heir is the name I gave the club that I had the heir make so he could meet teen girls.  There are so many townies thanks for MC Command Center I couldn’t sort through them and find the teens in manage worlds.  That’s where the club came in.  There’s an option to only allow certain ages so I set it to teen and found 5 potentials for my boys.  I wrote down their names and found them and gave them all makeovers.  So technically when they went to the club to “meet girls” he started a club meeting.  Ironically I didn’t realize that I had autonomy off until the next day.  I couldn’t figure out why they were all standing outside of the club talking!  

I picked girls for them that I thought had traits that complemented their own.  My only worry is their young adult trait is yet to be determined.  Hopefully the girl I picked for the heir doesn’t end up non-committal or hating children!

2 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.14: Date the Heir

  1. The chapter works really well! Finding dates for teens is probably one of the biggest challenges, I usually wait for them to like or whim something (I miss miss miss miss the TS2 “scope room” feature) cuz otherwise how will I know who they find attractive?! I like the compatible trait idea though, mine keep falling for the “wrong” sim.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh yes in Sims 2 it was so easy to tell if my sims were gay as well because they would do what I call “spew hearts” for someone of the same sex. So far I’ve been using a number randomizer to determine it which kinda takes the fun out. Sims 2 chemistry was sooooo much better.

      Liked by 1 person

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