TS4- ISBI Challenge 3.1: Tess Takes Charge

Chapter 3.1

Lanie aged to elder right before Tess aged to young adult… I didn’t have her blow out any candles because I was trying to max her gaming skill.  I decided to hold the pic back until this chapter because it felt right having her an elder at the start of the third generation.

Tess gets her young adult makeover and while I was at it I went into manage worlds and gave the boys all makeovers too.  Francisco’s third trait is slob and Lex’s is snob so I was hoping against hope that when I aged Blake up he’d get something good.  And he did!  Childish.  I love childish sims.  She actually had quite a full friendship bar with him so was able to ask him to move in.

Once moved in Tess gets a job as an artist and Blake gets a job as a writer.

I spent forever adding a basement onto the house so that I didn’t have to move them again because I love the house.  The stairs go into an inspirational room for Tess to paint in and I got this room off of the gallery.  I failed to write down the builder though sorry.  It’s really cool, behind the wall where the headboard of the bed is there’s a really nice bathroom.  So Tess brings Blake down to her new room for some flirting.

In no time at all she’s surprising him with a kiss.

I do so love the closet animations.

And with that baby number one is on it’s way.

In the morning Noah’s like hey man what’s up and Lanie’s like oh my gosh why’s he here?

Not controlling Lanie is really weird.  She dances all the time.  She’s actually pretty high skilled at dancing and does some moves I haven’t seen before.

Unfortunately I still needed her to max her gaming skill and she wasn’t going near the computer so I ended up using my one time controlling her to have her play.

It’s not the best picture but this is the inspirational room I built using the stuff the founder Janie had gotten from her writing career.  Tess started at level 3 of her career because she had an A in high school but she had no painting skill so it’ll be awhile before she gets high enough to be promoted.

Poor thing has to cook for the first time ever.

She doesn’t seem to like it much.  Her mother’s cooking skill is almost maxed so she’s used to good cooking.

I totally forgot that they weren’t engaged and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t do a wedding.  No clue why they went outside to the balcony for this but it makes a sweet picture.

There’s my normal weddings where I micromanage and make everyone sit pretty for the pictures… then there’s an ISBI wedding.

The wedding was a lot of fun.  She smooshed the cake in his face, which I didn’t get a picture of because I wasn’t expecting it.  I’ve never seen them do that in Sims 4 that I can remember.  Lanie passed out right when I was sending them home.

Chapter 3.2 coming soon!

For anyone keeping track the starting score for gen 3 is 140 points… before Lanie passed out.

Glad I moved Blake in when I did.  This happened the same night!  I went into manage worlds and found the baby mamma’s and married them and moved them all into a house together.  🙂

Chapter notes:
The park they got married at was Wedding Park by angelette1

2 thoughts on “TS4- ISBI Challenge 3.1: Tess Takes Charge

    1. I have in Sims 2 but as far as I know this is the first time ever in Sims 4. I was thinking there was some bug when she grabbed the cake with her hand instead of the fork!

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