TS4- Heart & Soul 1.16: Growing Pains

Chapter 1.16

All the Holt kids, their girlfriends and/or boyfriends and some of their friends all went to check out the new movie park that just opened.

Isaac took the opportunity to get a little closer to Misty.

Really nobody paid much attention to whatever was playing on the screen.

After the movie they all headed over to the pub by the Holt’s house.

Isaac and Misty excused themselves and went outside for a little alone time.

Meanwhile Keegan and Keeley challenged Mariela and Dae to a Foosball match.

With nobody around to notice Kyler shyly flirts with Kassandra while playing Don’t Wake the Llama.

At home Jasper has finally made a friend.  He’s Misty’s step-brother Dax.

Micaela was starting to feel cooped up in the house and since Kristof had to go to work she started a club meeting on her own.  It was nice catching up with all of their friends even if her husband couldn’t be there with her.

Isaac had his 19th birthday and Micaela insisted on baking her son’s cake.

He got a job as a caterer for the restaurant that his dad was executive chef at.

Now that they were out of school Isaac and Misty spent all their spare time together.

One day when the house was crowded and they wanted some alone time they walked to the little park next to the house.  He kissed her passionately.

Then pulled out the ring he’d bought with his first paycheck and asked her to marry him.

A few days later they were in his bedroom watching a movie when Misty dropped the bomb.  She thought she was pregnant!

Chapter 1.17

Chapter notes:
The movie park lot is Chompy’s Movie Park by Drutrubuilder.  I have this one in my neighborhood rotation and I love it.

I have to make an admission.  I totally didn’t plan to have Misty get pregnant yet and technically she’s not.  The game was paused and I clicked to see what they were doing and this is the exact picture I got.  She’d eaten something bad and I believe he was reacting to the movie they were watching but it’s the perfect shot and I’m so happy with it!

14 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.16: Growing Pains

    1. Awe thanks! It’s my favorite… I’m just taking a break from it until all of Gen One is published so I can get some feedback for Gen Two.

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  1. Haha – I really liked the folks in this generation and it had to be insane popping back and forth between the families. I’m excited to see what they get up to next. I think as far as story goes, you’re on the right track! Both families are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I tried really hard not to favor anyone in the chapters so I didn’t give it away. The last Marx chapter is a cliffhanger. The last Holt chapter reveals the heir.

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