TS4- Heart & Soul 1.17: Mostly Ghostly

Chapter 1.17

Faithe became a teenager and for once she seemed happy.

Faithe, Tate, Delaney and some of their cousins went to the movies to celebrate.

Faithe didn’t understand why Tate had to go and ruin everything by making Delany his girlfriend.  Didn’t he know she was her friend too?

So she went home and invited her friend Rowan over and just when they were getting into some juicy gossip Alek came in and started talking to Rowan.

Afraid that she’d lose another friend to one of her brothers Faithe went to her mom.

Amira talked to Alek and asked him to spend time with his own friends.  The problem was that Alek had no friends.  He didn’t tell his mom that though.

Avery was at one of her club meetings and when he asked Addison to go to the park with him she said she’d rather watch tv.

So he went alone but left shortly after arriving because there where no kids there.

He made his way to the library instead.  Books were his friends.  They were all he needed.  That’s what he told himself at least.

Avery was very impressed with her mom’s piano skills when she started playing after buying it.  When she asked where she had learned to play she got a sad look on her face and said she had a lot of spare time once and that she used to entertain herself by practicing for hours.

She hadn’t liked the child’s violin that she had used to play but she loved this new piano.

Amira felt adrift.  It seemed like the only one of her children that was truly happy was Avery.  Tate was always complaining about money, Faithe and Alek were always moping around.  Addison complained about not having her own room and about not having a nicer house.

She went to talk to Kristof.  His family all seemed so happy.  He told her things weren’t as great as they seemed.  They all had problems just different kinds.  He asked her how her private investigators license was going and she admitted that she’d had it for over a year now and done nothing with it.  She felt like it would be selfish with her children unhappy to pursue something for herself.  He laughed and told her that if mom’s happy everyone’s happy.

Kristof offered to let her sell whatever was harvestable in the garden.  These plants that Edric had brought back from his visit to an alien world in his rocket ship were worth a fortune.  With that money she could buy some nicer things for the house and get her investigator business started too.

She sold all the plants and bought a very small office.  Vaughn said he was so proud of her for committing to something that was important to her.

She wasn’t sure what to do with herself.  She didn’t have any cases or anything to investigate.  Then Bastian came in and floated over to the desk and into the chair in front of it.  With a cackle he told her he was going to be her sidekick.  Mostly Ghostly Investigations was open for business.

Chapter 1.18

Chapter notes:
When I did Amira and Vaughn’s adult makeovers I had tried a CC hair on her that changed her color.  I didn’t notice until I was looking at the picture of her with Faithe that when I changed the hair back I didn’t pick the right color.  It’s fixed now.

This chapter was a bit frustrating because I had to get all the pre-teen pics of the triplets taken in 2 days and they had school both days.  After I aged them up I switched to the Holt’s a day early because I haven’t figured out exactly where I’m going with the next Marx chapter so there was no point in starting it early.  

Unfortunately I had already saved after their birthday’s when I realized I had meant to take their family photo of Tate and Faithe as teens and the triplets as children.  Darn.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.17: Mostly Ghostly

    1. I found the most perfect hair for a sim in my rotation neighborhood and couldn’t use it because there was no red hair. It had pink of all colors but not the orangy red. 😦

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  1. I think the ghostly detective business is the storyline that excites me the most in this legacy – so I am so excited to see the office open and the crime solving beginning. It’s like Ghost Whisperer: Sims Addition!

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