TS4- ISBI Challenge 3.2: Van Moves Out- Life Moves On

Chapter 3.2

They had just gotten home from the wedding and Tess was starving but I didn’t want someone else to cook… because there would be a fire… and she sets the darned kitchen on fire anyway!

She was quite happy with herself for putting out the fire and I gave in and had her eat the last of the food in the house, a slice of her birthday cake.

Blake and Lanie bond dancing to the stereo music.  She’s a level 4 dancer now so she looks like she’s wondering what on earth kind of dance moves he’s doing!

Van’s birthday was the next day and I realized I had never had him use his teen free action.  So I sent him to a club and hoped he’d meet a nice YA lady.  No such luck.  And on a side note: most of my girl townies are very ugly!  I figured since he’s a spare it wouldn’t be cheating to grab him a lady friend from the gallery.  This is Calloway by Munter_Bacon, one of the #boredomcuties.  I ended up changing her first name because I knew I’d mess it up every time I tried typing it out so her name is Trisha.  Van introduces himself.  Guess what Trisha?  Tomorrow I move in with you and we’ll be married isn’t that great?  LOL

Tess gives birth to a little girl, Jaci.

Then it’s back to the closet for round two!

Most of Tess’s needs were red and I made her bake Van’s cake.  The baby started crying and I didn’t even think to have her put candles on it before she went to feed her.  When I looked to have Van blow out the candles Blake was eating the cake!  Poor Tess had to bake another.

I’m really sad to see Van go.  (Ha see what I did there Van go!)  But he’s got a nice new house and a CAS wedding to look forward to!

I had to restart the game to change something on MC Command Center so I did a little baby CC shopping.  Darned Lanie is just as bad as everyone else when it comes to taking care of the baby.  I’d held out hope for her since she’d taken care of 2 of her own.

Tess made the rounds first to Lex and Francisco’s and then to Van’s so that I could use cheats to get them all pregnant again.  (Well, their wives… you know what I mean!)

Feeding the baby with a giant baby bump.

Jaci ages up to child with the cutest little freckles.  That’s the hair she had and I planned her whole wardrobe around the orange ribbon in it.

Tess takes Jaci to the park but they see no one of note there except uncle Robi.

After the park they visit Lex and Francisco’s house so that (hopefully) Jaci can meet their sons.  The top one Lex’s son Zackary and the bottom one is Francisco’s son Jay.  Jaci only met Zackary though.

When they got back to the house the game was paused with Lanie and Noah standing like this outside.  It was so sweet I had to snap a pic!

Chapter 3.3

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