TS4- Heart & Soul 1.18: The First Grandchild

Chapter 1.18

When Misty was 5 months pregnant her and Isaac decided to have a small wedding with just their parents present.  Both of them had huge families and if the family was all invited then their friends would want to be invited and they just didn’t want the hassle with a baby on the way.  Her parents Santiago and Tiffani had been divorced since she was a little girl and didn’t get along very well which they made more obvious by not standing together during the wedding.

Jasper was excited that he wasn’t going to be the baby of the family anymore.  He was also excited that he was almost thirteen years old.

Keegan was completely fascinated with the baby and was always asking to feel it.

When they all went out to a club he told Mariela all about the baby and how he wanted at least three of his own someday.  After the words came out of his mouth he wished he hadn’t said anything.  He had learned that she had a nasty temper and usually monitored what he said as to not provoke her.

But instead of blowing up she seemed enthusiastic about it saying not anytime soon but someday if they stayed together long term.  He wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that but chose to ignore it.

He grabbed her up from the couch and kissed her with everything he had.  They’d be graduating soon and then he’d propose.  Before long they’d have their own family started.  Their kids could play with Isaac’s.  It would be perfect.

Kyler, on the other hand, had no big plans for the future yet.  He had been spending any spare moment concentrating on finishing his first novel and when they all got home from the club he checked the mail to discover that it had been published!

As to Keeley’s future plans… one morning she announced to her parents that she would be moving in with Dae and his mother in Willow Creek after graduation.  When Kristof asked if they had any wedding plans she said they didn’t.  He wasn’t happy but Micaela seemed fine with the news.

Isaac’s parents bought him and Misty a cute little cottage in downtown Windenburg when the baby was due any day.

When little Liza was born the grandparents all crowded into her tiny bedroom to welcome their first grandchild into the world.

Chapter 1.19

Chapter notes:
Obviously those hoping that Isaac is the heir are now disappointed.  I was sad to see him go as well but I didn’t have room in the house for a baby.  With so many children there’s no way I can hold on to the spares for very long.

When I checked to see if Misty was pregnant she was… with triplet girls.  I felt no qualms in changing it to one since Isaac isn’t the heir.  I cannot believe this triplet thing.  I’ve searched and searched to see if there was something in my mods that is causing it but can’t find anything.  I really don’t have any other than MC Command Center and the no cribs mod.

I decided to concentrate this chapter on Keegan and Mariela only instead of having Kyler and Kassandra too because I felt it would be too much in one chapter with the wedding and birth.

Isaac and Misty’s cottage is Hillside Cottage by Jonnytotz.  

7 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.18: The First Grandchild

  1. I really liked the focus on fewer Sims in this chapter – It felt less hit and run that way! Also I am both thrilled for Isaac and heartbroken that he wasn’t going to be the heir. Is there any chance he’ll be on the gallery with his new family. I would love to pop him into the town, just so I can see him around in my own games!


    1. No, I didn’t have it when I had the first set. I talked to Deaderpool, the creator of MC Command Center about it and he says it’s like rolling the dice and sometimes you get 3’s several times in a row and think it’s a pattern when it’s not.

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