TS4- Heart & Soul 1.20: Clouded Future

Chapter 1.20

Micaela insisted on baking Jasper’s birthday cake the year he turned thirteen.  She was so proud of her youngest son.  He tended to get lost in the chaos of the household but was always in high spirits.

Jasper started working out right away.  He wanted to be an athlete like his uncle Vaughn.

A few days after Jasper’s birthday the triplets had their high school graduation and their nineteenth birthdays.

Just as she had said she would, Keeley packed up her things and moved in with Dae and his mother in Willow Creek.  What she hadn’t expected though was for Dae to propose to her.

They decided to elope since Dae wasn’t good with crowds and any wedding in her family would have a crowd.

Dae’s mom Sara welcomed Keeley with open arms.  She said she was happy to finally meet the girl that had caught her boy’s affections so many years ago.

After calling her family to give them the news they celebrated their marriage with a little whoohoo.

Keenan had been planning this moment for what seemed like forever.  He started to get down on one knee to ask Mariela to marry him when he heard her gasp.  It wasn’t a good gasp.

She laughed and told him to get up.  She said her friends said she was too young to get married.  When he pleaded that they’d been dating for years and that he wanted to start a family she just shook her head and said she wasn’t ready.

The big day that Keenan had been planning was ruined.  He wasn’t sure how to feel but he could tell Mariela was getting angry so he told her he needed to get ready for work and left.

Kyler’s book was so popular that the publisher had requested a sequel.  He felt like he was finally able to concentrate on other things than writing.  Which included getting more serious with his long-time girlfriend Kassandra.  He didn’t think it would be right to ask her to marry him yet, even though they’d been together for years they didn’t actually spend a lot of time together.  So he asked her to move in with him and his family instead.

She jumped up out of her seat and grabbed him pulling him into a big hug.  She said she was so happy she had waited for him.

Kassandra went home to get her things together and Kyler was so excited he had to tell Keegan first.  They weren’t just brothers they were best friends.  Keegan seemed a little overly happy about the news and Kyler was a little confused.  He told him he had to go tell their parents and left him.

Keegan knew Kyler hadn’t bought his fake enthusiasm for a minute.  He had yet to tell anyone about Mariela turning him down and it had been almost a year.  He had already asked her again a few weeks ago and she turned him down flat.  He didn’t know what to do, he was head over heels for the girl, but he was ready to start a family.

His family all thought he worked at a software company.  If they thought it was strange that he worked so late at night nobody mentioned it to him.  He had never realized that in order to be a hacker he’d have to move up through the ranks as basically a thug first.

Stealing stuff was one thing… he did it for the thrill of possibly getting caught.  He’d never gotten caught since his first time at his cousin Johnny’s house.  He loved hacking and creating viruses… and someday he’d be able to do that for a living.  He’d just have to prove himself as a criminal first.

Returning from a morally questionable job at 4am to find his brother making out with his girlfriend outside of his bedroom set Keenan off.  He was so pissed he stormed into his room and sat up on his computer trolling the forums instead of sleeping like he should.

Another year went by and Keenan was feeling pretty sure that Mariela was ready to settle down.  She was spending time with his family.

She’d become good friends with his sister-in-law Misty.

And she was always pulling him into a dark corner for a little fun.  If they kept this up he might just get that kid he wanted even if she still wasn’t ready.

Then she pulled out her damned phone and started laughing at some text.  When he asked her who she was texting with she said it was just one of her friends.  His heart sank.  Could she be cheating on him?  Is that who these mysterious “friends” were?  So much for settling down.  He was 24 years old and it looked like soon he’d be single.

Chapter 1.21

Chapter notes:
I had planned for this chapter to concentrate more on Kyler and Kassandra but somehow it seemed to focus more on Keegan and Mariela.  This is the first chapter that I’ve touched on Keegan’s third trait and maybe I got a bit carried away?   

On a happy note: Kristof got promoted to the top of the chef career!

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