TS4- ISBI Challenge 3.3: Another Girl

Chapter 3.3

Van was visiting when Tess went into labor.  He offered her a seat.

It was another girl they named Lina.  The parents were very happy… I on the other hand, had hoped for a boy since previous generations had a boy and a girl.

I was actually looking for Blake when I saw Noah talking to his new granddaughter.  It was so sweet.  Even sweeter because it was autonomous.

Lanie being a bit creepy watching her daughter and son-in-law sleep while she eats.

I used my one free action on Jaci to have her go into the baby’s room to see her reaction.  She was happy and her mom gave her a big hug.

Lanie danced so often that she was close to topping the skill.  Here she was doing some kind of a robot move.

One day Tess came home from work with red fun, energy and hygiene.  I had thought of getting them a hot tub before but wasn’t sure where to put it.  I ended up removing a few bushes on the corner of the property and placing it there.  I makes for a nice view.

Despite Tess’s low needs when she got a call from Van inviting her to his house she accepted.  I just realized that while she was there I forgot to look and see what the twins names are!

Everyone but Blake was at work and Lina was crying her head off.  I was just about to bring Tess home from work when daddy came to the rescue and fed her!  Whew.

Wondering why there aren’t many pictures of Jaci in this chapter?  This is why.  She comes home from school every day exhausted and takes a nap.  Wakes up and eats then goes to bed again.  Then she’ll wake up in the middle of the night needing the bathroom and not go back to bed.

Noah is like wow Jaci you stink.  LOL

Lina ages up to child.  I found this CC panda dress and thought it was so cute since the baby furniture was pandas!  Of course, Van is over.  He has followed uncle Robi’s example and calls almost daily wanting to know if he can come over.

Sadly uncle Robi passed away.
Jaci’s needs are usually too low for her to fall prey to the focused aura’s in most of the rooms but Lina has done her homework several times already.
I was disappointed that she wasn’t a boy at first but this girl has personality and is fun to watch.
Look!  It’s amazing!  Jaci actually got some sleep and had decent needs when she got home from school so she played with dolls for a little bit.  I don’t think the inspired aura in the room will trick her or her sister into using the drawing table so I doubt either will get part of their aspirations completed.
This time it was Lanie who I noticed wasn’t in the house.  I have no idea why she left the lot and her perfectly good bed to spend the night on a park bench.  I got a notification that it’s almost her time.  I will miss her.

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