TS4- Heart & Soul 1.21: The Test

Chapter 1.21

Tate had finally saved up enough for a suitable ring for his Delaney.  He took her for a walk by the lake near the house and proposed.

When they got back to the house his parents said they had a surprise for them.  They had been secretly working with Delaney’s mom to get this house remodeled next door to Isaac’s.  It was their wedding present from both their parents.

Addison spent more time at Payton’s house than she did her own.  When he asked why they never go to her house she got embarrassed and told him it was too crowded, which was the truth, just not the main reason.

When they weren’t at his house they were at one of the clubs partying until a few minutes before her parents were due to get home.

Gabe was a fixture in the house.  He was there so often that he didn’t even bother knocking.  One day his step-brother Stanley asked if he could join him.  Faithe was coming out of the kitchen and started to tell Gabe that Avery was in the bath when she saw Stanley.  From that moment she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

She invited him to sit down and distractedly waved Gabe towards the bathroom where Avery was.

And so Stanley started coming around the house with Gabe every day.  When Alek saw Rowan looking bored while the others flirted he thought this might be his best chance.  He asked her if she wanted to go outside and stargaze with him.

He was a little surprised when she said yes.  They spent hours looking up at the stars and talking.  He thought she was so beautiful.  He had always thought so.  From the day they’d met he had found a reason to be in the room whenever she was over.  To him she was like a goddess.

As soon as the others were out the door Stanley grabbed up Faithe and kissed her.  This was the first time they’d been alone since they’d met and the wait had been killing him.

Avery and Gabe talked about everything.  Lately their conversations centered around how much they both wanted to start their own family.  Avery wistfully commented on how long two more years of high school would be.  Gabe said why do they have to wait?  They loved each other.  They planned to get married.  They both wanted to start a family.  Why couldn’t they have that now?

They didn’t bother to take time to think it through.  From that day on whenever her parents weren’t home they tried for a baby.

It took about six months until Avery got a positive test.  She told Gabe she had been sick in the mornings and everything.  He was thrilled.

Amira, on the other hand, was not so thrilled when she found a positive pregnancy test in the upstairs bathroom when she was cleaning.  She sat all three of her daughters down and said they weren’t leaving the room until someone confessed.  Both Faithe and Addison were shocked.  They both said they’d never even whoohoo’d before.  Addison thought the whole thing was pretty funny, her perfect sister had gotten pregnant… on purpose!

After telling Vaughn, Amira called Gabe’s father Erich and step-mother Hannah over to the house.  They had only met a few times before.  Vaughn took charge and told them what their children had done.  Erich was furious.  Hannah seemed uncomfortable.  Within minutes a fight broke out between Vaughn and Erich over where the kids would live.

While their parents fought it out Gabe pulled a crying Avery to the side and told her everything would be okay.  They would get married and have their baby.  He’d drop out of school if he had to to take care of the baby.  She had better grades than him anyway.  If their parents continued to fight like this than they would just get their own place.  He promised they’d figure it out.

Meanwhile, outside oblivious to all of the drama in the house, Alek finally convinced Rowan that he was the guy for her.

Chapter 1.22

Chapter notes:
Tate and Delaney eloped the day they got the new house.

The photo with Addison luring Payton into the closet at the club was just for making out, she was telling the truth that they haven’t whoohoo’d.

It was taking so long to get Faithe and Stanley’s relationship up that I moved him into the house for 2 days while I worked on it.

It took the entire 3 1/2 days in the Marx house to take all the screenshots for this chapter.  A few weren’t planned like the last one of Alek and Rowan but most were planned out.

I didn’t have Avery take the pregnancy test until after I screenshotted the argument with their parents because I was afraid once she took it she would blow up like a balloon as they sometimes do.  I knew she was pregnant by using cheats.

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