TS4- Heart & Soul 1.22: Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 1.22

Keegan was just entering the kitchen when he realized he had interrupted an argument between his father and Kyler’s girlfriend Kassandra.  From the little bit he’d overheard it sounded like she was being pretty nasty to his dad.  He wasn’t having any of that and turned right back around to find Kyler.

When Kyler came in and asked what was going on the guilty look on Kassandra’s face was all he needed to know.  Kristof tried to act like it was nothing but Kyler knew she must have been saying something.

He had noticed that she seemed to sense others unhappiness and took a certain malicious pleasure in it.

She seemed especially adverse to his sister Keeley for no apparent reason.  When he walked in on her telling Keeley that she was just a goody goody and that the whole family was a bunch of fakes and some other vicious things he’d had enough.

She had seemed unaware that he had been behind her the whole time and tried to play it off but he just told her to get her things and go.  Bye bye.

After she’d left Kyler seemed in good spirits which surprised Keegan.  He told him it was a relief to have her gone and that in all the time they’d been dating he’d never really gotten to know her because he was so focused on writing his first book.

Keegan loved spending time with his little niece Liza.  Isaac was always making quips about how great of a dad he would be.  Instead of making him happy his remarks had the opposite effect on Keegan.

After seeing how relieved Kyler was over the breakup with Kassandra Keegan started spending more time in the nursery he had decorated trying to decide what he should do with his own failing relationship.  He was more than ready to start a family and if Mariela wasn’t the right girl for him he wanted it over so he could find someone else.  Even though the thought crushed him.

When she came to the house he caught her before she even got to the door.  He told her he wanted to break up.

Instead of turning around and leaving like he had expected her to she got angry.  She actually had the gull to say she didn’t understand and that she thought they were going to get married!  That got him angry too, he had asked her to marry him three times over the years!  She said she was waiting for him to ask again and had planned to say yes!
Now he was really ticked.  He asked her if her “friends” had finally said it was okay for her to be with him?  He said forget it that it was too little too late.
With that all of the anger drained from Mariela and her head dropped.  She explained that she was just using her girlfriends as an excuse to wait.  That she had been overwhelmed by his eagerness to get married and start a family so young.  But she swore she was ready now and begged him not to break up with her.

He had never really wanted to break up with Mariela.  Keegan was just frustrated and let his emotions take over his common sense.  He loved her and wanted to be with her even if she didn’t want the kids he wanted so desperately.  But to his shock she asked if they could start trying for a baby right away!

By the time she finally announced that they were having a baby she had been living with him for almost a year.  It took longer than they had expected to get pregnant and both of them had started to feel like it wasn’t going to happen.

When they told his parents the news they were both excited.  Although they didn’t understand their insistence on getting pregnant before they got married.

Kyler and Jasper joined them and were both excited about the new baby too.  Kyler told Mariela that she’d need to plan the upcoming wedding around his book tour!  Everyone was shocked, this was the first they’d heard of it.  He told them he’d just gotten news from the publisher that morning.  And so the wedding date was set so that Kyler would be there.

Gen One Bloopers, Outtakes and Review

Chapter notes:
Ohmygosh gen one is done!  I don’t even know how to feel right now.  In one way I’m sad but in another I am super excited for what’s to come.  There was no real good starting point for the next generation due to the age gap between the Holt and Marx households.  

Obviously Kassandra rolled the evil trait when she aged up to YA.  I’m kind of glad because it seems silly looking back that everyone would just ride off into the sunset after I fixed them all up.  So Isaac and Misty were the only ones with an easy relationship. 

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    1. Thanks for reading it. You read a lot in one day, wow! I love them all too. It makes me sad that only the heirs can stay and the rest will be on the sidelines.

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