TS4- Heart & Soul: Gen One Bloopers, Outtakes and Review

Warning: This is a very long chapter with many pictures and a review of the first generation at the end.  I hope you enjoy the bloopers, outtakes and review and look forward to starting gen two!

While at a club meeting at the Holt’s house Bryce gave Karl a foot massage.  It was just really strange!

Amira cooking mac ‘n cheese in her bathing suit at the gym while pregnant with Tate.

Amira and Vaughn’s first “shelter”.  As you can see there were no walls on the sides so taking any screenshots was tricky.

Isaac’s first bedroom.  I had no idea how to make it so I got a room off of the gallery and stuck it into Amira’s darkness then made stairs leading to the basement.  Later Jasper’s room and a bathroom were also stuck down there.

Kristof sitting on the toilet molding clay.

When I went to the house to age Case up to child there was no furniture and the bassinet was stuck in the far corner of the lot!

Vaugh in his mascot costume repairing the toilet while Tate chats with him.  It looks like he’s about to grab his wing!

My first attempt at the new crib mod.  Tate looks like he’s wondering why his new sister is floating.

Another cute mascot shot.

Amira discovering she’s pregnant with the triplets.

After Tristan and Skyla died I realized I was going to have to kill all of the other elders myself.  In the last picture everyone in the household was elder so I had to move that family in.  The boy with long hair is Jasper’s friend and Misty’s step-brother Dax.

While at Johnny’s house having Keegan steal the famous dino toy his parents decided to take advantage of Parker and Marlene’s closet.

The triplets are born and I wasn’t sure what to do about the crib mod thing so they ended up floating in the air.  If you look close you can see Alek by Faithe’s headboard and one of the girls in the backyard.

Finally nobody was pregnant and I was able to take the screenshot for the banner.  It was the first time I’d used the teleporter and I hadn’t realized that teleporting them all there at once was a bad idea.  Made for a funny picture though.

I would have liked to use this picture since there are so few of Amira’s friend Misty but as you can see with the babies so close together the adults clipped into each other.

Isaac’s teen birthday.

The setup for the family photo.  I must have put these teleporters out 20 times before I got a picture I liked.

The Holt triplets and Tate’s teen birthdays.

I had gone into CAS for something and when I got out the game was paused with everyone holding their hands like this except for Isaac.  He looks like he’s thinking “and they say I’m the insane one.”

All of the first kisses.  The last one is Kyler’s new girlfriend Fallon Wolfe.  She is one of munter_bacon’s boredom cuties!

Kristof was eating a bowl of icecream when it was time for him to go to work.  Instead of putting it on the table in the living room like they usually do he walked outside and somehow sat it on the rocks outside.

Faithe’s then the Marx triplet’s teen birthdays.

Every day I would teleport Micaela all over the neighborhood for all the collectables.  When I teleported her to the dig site by the water she started walking through the water.

Jasper’s teen birthday and the Holt triplets young adult birthday.

This woman died in the little park by the house, across from the pub.  She would haunt the Holt’s house all the time and I think one day she showed up at the Marx house too.  I haven’t released her spirit because I thought I could use her for something.

This was hilarious.  Keegan was talking to Mariela and he turned around and stole one of the barstools!  Everyone was so shocked and he got a 8 hour embarrassed moodlet.  I had to go into build mode and replace the barstool.

I just thought this was funny.  Alek and Avery talking in their parents bathroom while she kneels on the floor doing homework.

Tate and Delaney eloping.

This was gross.  Avery hadn’t taken the pregnancy test yet but I knew she was pregnant.  She was sitting at the table eating breakfast and then got up and threw up on the floor.  I’ve never seen them do that before!

Kristof and Micaela aging to elder.

Since in the story Gabe and Avery had planned to get married someday since they were children I thought it would be silly for him to propose to her.  So I didn’t set up any kind of fancy shot for it and just did it outside of the house where they were standing.

All of them had kids too (before the game married them off) but I didn’t take screenshots of with who so I’d have to go into all of the townies houses and look at the genetics to figure it out.
Johnny married and had a little girl.

Chapter 2.1

Gen One Review:
Amira’s whims completed 103.  Kristof’s whims completed 162.  In comparison Tristan’s were 148 when I started Heart & Soul.  I didn’t concentrate as much on whims as I had planned before starting the legacy but plan to do so more in the next generation.

Since the grandparents died before meeting all of the kids I couldn’t use the relationship with the grandmother to determine the Marx heir.  I picked Avery because I liked her traits.  Later I realized she was too perfect just like her parents.  So is Gabe. (His traits were all generated with the randomizer too.)  At the time I realized this I was also struggling with the fact that Keegan was so much older than her.  Thus the teenage pregnancy idea began to form.  It would make the gen 3 kids (hopefully) closer in age.  This forced me to hold off on Keegan and Mariela having any kids though.  Which (I think) turned into an interesting story and gave me a chance to show Keegan’s 3rd trait.  Avery and Gabe’s aspirations gave me the idea of them actively trying for a baby instead of it being a slip up or something.

The Holt wedding venue was Waterfall Wedding Park by JalenJello.  The Marx wedding venue was Wedding Park AlpineValley by Markisa2406.  Many thanks to them both for creating such beautiful (and large) venues!

Until the last 5 or so chapters of this generation I felt like I was flailing.  I had a really hard time telling any kind of a story.  It wasn’t until the wonderful members of the Speed Readers Reading Circle pointed out how much they liked Rose and Isaac as flawed characters that it dawned on me: Amira, Vaughn, Kristof and Micaela were all too perfect!  I had made all of them with very few flaws, unless you count seeing ghosts?  It made for a very boring story until I started picking up on the kid’s personalities and concentrating on them more.

There were some things that I failed miserably at that I’d like to improve upon in gen two.  One being the lack of contact with family.  Not just the Holt’s and Marx’s with each other but the extended family too.  Very rarely do you see Mariela’s twin sister or her son Johnny or Rose’s son Bryce and his twins.  Another thing was the two friend rule, most of the kids were lucky to have one friend.  In some cases several of them were friends with the same kid and I didn’t know who to age the friend up with.  For example Isaac and Tate’s friend Aiden.  I think a lot of these mistakes were caused by the overwhelming number of kids in this generation.  Trying to show their personalities and attempting some semblance of a story took my focus off of friends and family.  Which now seems silly to me because I could have used interacting with friends and family as part of the story!  It wasn’t until Addison came over to the Holt house after school with Jasper one day and nobody in the house but him knew her that I realized my mistake.  By then I was almost done with the generation.

I do plan to take a break now that I’m done with the whirlwind of the last few chapters of this generation but I’ll most likely have some of the gen two chapters started by the time this is published. Despite that I welcome any thoughts, ideas and criticism on how I could have done better and what I can do to improve on my writing.  If you’ve read this far thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me.

6 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul: Gen One Bloopers, Outtakes and Review

  1. Great Chapter – I love outtakes! And I do love a good flawed character. I am so excited by Keegan and the teen pregnancy reminds me of Gilmore Girls. Let’s just hope that Gabe is more of a Luke than a Christopher! I like how you’ve written a reflection and bring on Gen 2!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’ve never watched that show so I’m not sure. I’m still trying to figure Gabe and Avery out since their traits are pretty vanilla and aren’t going to help much. I think their impulsiveness will rule them though.


      1. Gilmore Girls is great basic breakdown is Christopher is dashing and charismatic but ultimately unreliable even when he is well-intentioned and Luke is gruff, bad at communicating but always there.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Gabe would never be described as dashing or charismatic. I think he’s uncomfortable with his size, he’s a bit shy and he likes to hang out with his friends and watch sports but not participate in them.


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