TS4- Heart & Soul 2.1: The Weddings

Chapter 2.1

Holt wedding…

 Marx wedding…


Chapter 2.2

Chapter notes:

The entire wedding thing was a fiasco from the start.  I had to go into every guest’s household and make sure they had appropriate formal wear.  Then I had to add everyone (all 25 of them) to one household so that I could control them all.  I used cheats to fill all their needs and disabled need decay.  Somehow I did it wrong and Avery almost peed herself because I had freewill off!

When I added everyone to the household I also had them all take vacation days from work and school but despite that I had 3 sims unable to attend the 2nd wedding because it was a work day even though they were on vacation!  I also didn’t have the option to bring Bastian to the park to watch the wedding which was a big disappointment.

Things could have gone better but I was determined to get these weddings screenshotted before bed and it took 3 hours!  By the time I was done it was 2am and I had a massive migraine.

Welcome to generation two!  

8 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 2.1: The Weddings

    1. Thanks. A lot of work for a wordless post! It’s always worth it when I look back and see the beautiful weddings… I’m just glad they only happen once a generation!

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      1. I’m going to try to remember to actually take shots AFTER the ceremony in my next wedding – only none of my sims ever seem to whim it…. I think Julia’s marriage is the only planned wedding I know of.

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