TS4- ISBI Challenge 3.4: A Bitter Goodbye

Chapter 3.4

As sister’s usually do Jaci and Lina had their spats.

Their cousins Susana and Traci seemed to get along fine though.

Lina was excited to visit their uncle Van’s house and see the twins.

Not sure what they were talking about but Lanie looks so serious.

Van comes out and invites everyone inside.

Jaci and Lina chatting with Susana.

As soon as they got there Blake headed for the coffee machine and must have had 5 cups by the time they’d left.

Not sure what Lina is telling them but they look shocked and horrified.

The next day was Tess’s day off so she took the girls to Francisco and Lex’s house.  He jokes that she’s only bringing her girls around because they’ve got 4 boys in the house.  Jaci doesn’t think it’s very funny.

The two in red are Lex’s sons Zachary and Talon.  The other is Francisco’s son Branden.

The boy in yellow is Francisco’s older son Jay.

Lanie gets home from work and collapses on the sidewalk outside of the house.

Blake, Jaci, Lina and Traci run outside to find the Grim Reaper there to collect Lanie’s soul.

We will miss you Lanie.  You were such a free spirit in your elder years.

Chapter 3.5

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