TS4- Drifter Challenge 002.4: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

House 002 Chapter 4

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-03-27-91

After aging to child Wade was wide awake and spent almost the entire night talking to his giant dinosaur toy while his parents slept.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-16-11-65

I weighed the pros and cons of taking them on vacation to Granite Falls and decided it was worth it.  Mindy starts out by catching some fish after they arrive.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-12-04-25

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Wade tells his dad a story.  Notice how I kept all the stuff from the start of the challenge?  Heh I knew I’d need it again.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-18-42-29

Camping selfie time!

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-22-41-92

While father and son bond Mindy finishes up fishing and starts her search for unidentified plants.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-23-27-87

While trying to find the bathroom to send Mindy there I noticed this woman was glowing.  I was like ohmygosh it’s an alien.  Then I realized it’s Tiana that hung out at the 001 house all the time!

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-28-27-14

Mindy found lots of plants… oh look squirrel!

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-29-05-91

Wade tries his luck at horseshoes.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-31-20-14

Andrew cooks for the first time ever and it’s rated excellent.  Say what?  Oh well, at least they didn’t get all uncomfortable from eating it.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-34-24-21

Mindy and Wade were sleeping so I was just watching Andrew.  Then Death crosses his path!

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-35-01-53

Grim takes a seat and Andrew sits with him and chats like they’re old pals.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-40-25-59

Then Andrew doesn’t even flinch when Death disappears in a cloud of black smoke.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 18-40-48-38

Completely unaffected, he naps on the log.  Guess I wasted my money on that second tent.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 19-11-38-15

Finally, Mindy wakes up and Andrew watching is done.  She catches some ladybugs outside of the bathroom.  Then the trip is over and it’s time to head home.  She completed the first part of her aspiration and got an herbalism book that, hopefully, she’ll read.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 19-25-36-95

Shortly after returning home she goes into labor.  The problem with the no-cribs mod is I can’t click on something and say “have baby” she has to suffer.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 19-27-06-50

In a swirl of sparkles, her baby girl Willow is born.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 19-29-33-09

Wade comes in and sees the baby and is happy!  Then she starts crying and he tries to shush her.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-48-38-07

They had quite a bit of money saved up so I decided to work on the second floor some.  It’ll look much better with windows.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-49-01-87

The inside of floor two is pretty sparse right now.  It will be the kitchen/dining/living area.  There will be seating on the balcony.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-49-42-46

Downstairs finally got some paint and flooring but nothing else changed.  I really don’t know what I’m going to do with the foyer area yet.  I have to admit, I stayed in build mode way longer than I needed to because I was afraid after switching to live mode that I would want to change something and end up losing money.  The house value is $18k something now.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-54-46-25

Grandpa’s Brock and Emerson come to visit the grandkids.  Sadly, I got a notification that it’s almost their time.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-56-17-39

Emerson, clueless about babies as ever.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-58-18-09

Luckily Andrew doesn’t have that problem.  It takes him a few tries to figure out what the baby wants, but he usually figures it out and I don’t have to stop Mindy from whatever she’s doing like I always did with Brock.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 20-59-36-65

Uh yea.  So despite deleting a bunch of elders from manage worlds, the whole town is dying.  I mean, I get notifications constantly about it.  Apparently this woman’s urn is somewhere in the neighborhood.  I’ll have to find it and have Mindy pick it up to prevent more hauntings.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 21-00-52-09

Poor Wade.  He had a nightmare and then his sister started crying.  He barely got any sleep and ended up sleeping in his parent’s bed the next night.

TS4_x64 2016-06-19 21-09-03-04

Christina, one of the neighborhood starter sims, dies near the house.  Hello Grimmy, welcome back.  Sadly the rest of the starter household died soon after.  I got notifications one after another for them.  At least they have kids in the neighborhood.

Chapter 002.5

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 002.4: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

    1. Yea, she’s got 2 urns in her inventory now from sims that died in her little neighborhood. I have notifications on on MCCC and I was getting them constantly for sims dying!


    1. I completed it like 3 times before this. I’d just done it for the Ambrosia Challenge so I was pretty familiar with it. If I fail a house I have backup saves. I pause the game and create a save as soon as the heir ages to young adult. So if I fail I’ll just go to that and try again.

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