TS3- Wishacy 1.1: Nyssa, Malcolm and Scout

Chapter 1.1


Meet Nyssa Moone and her trusty companion Scout.  They used to live in Isla Paradiso before moving to Moonlight Falls.


First, they became friends then they became best friends.  These two are inseparable.


In Isla Paradiso Nyssa had wanted to flirt and flirted with a man that ended up married.  This time, after leaving her charisma class, when she saw a handsome man across the way she asked him if he was single first.  He was.  His name is Malcolm.  He tells her she looks great and she says she looks like death.  LOL


The next day she wanted to go out on a date so she calls Malcolm and they meet in the parking lot of a werewolf bar.


They had a few drinks and she was just about to leave when she had the urge to kiss him first.  She lays a heat of the moment kiss on him and she’s afraid he will be upset.


Then he grabs her and kisses her right back.


It’s a full moon and Nyssa had a midnight ice cream craving.  Don’t look out the window!


Nyssa and Malcolm were on another date.  They went to the festival but she wanted to woohoo and while looking for a place to do so stumbled upon this library.  Not sure what was going on with the guy on the ground.


Success!  They have their first woohoo in the crypt behind the library!


Then they go out to eat at a restaurant.


Malcolm gives her flowers, twice.


Then they take a romantic selfie.


He comes back to her place and meets Scout.


After work, at her journalism job, Nyssa spends time with her little pooch.


This time, it’s a fairy zombie with an umbrella.  He sprouted from the ground but when the sun came up drove away in a car.  Strange.


Nyssa thought it would be cool to have a Bonehilda.  She stayed with them for about a week and then glitched out and had to go.  In that time, she trained Scout in several tricks.


Spooky day woohoo at Malcolm’s house.


Nyssa gets promoted and has to start writing reports on people.  This woman was mean spirited and rude so she wrote a negative report on her.


Building an igloo.


Scout ages up!


It was almost Nyssa’s adult birthday and she had yet to wish for a baby or marriage or even to have Malcolm move in with her.  So when she got the wish to woohoo in an igloo they tried for baby instead.


Pregnant Nyssa in her nightgown outside playing fetch in the middle of the night with Scout.


When Nyssa brought home baby Amber, Malcolm came home with her.  She finally decided that she was ready to get married.

Nyssa ages up to adult.


Malcolm stayed the night and in the morning she proposed.

Screenshot-34Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37

Crazy as it sounds it was Love Day and Malcolm had a party at his house.  Nyssa lured him back to her place and they had a private wedding.  The house was a disaster.  Everything was broken and dirty.  There was no room for the baby and “rich” Malcolm barely brought in any money when he moved in.  They found a slightly bigger house that they could afford and moved.

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

The rules for the wishacy can be found here.  I love the whim challenge in Sims 4 and knew if I looked hard enough I’d find a Sims 3 version.  I like this version better.  It’s a bit like a mix between the whim challenge, a legacy and an ISBI where you can actually control the other sims a bit.

As I say in the story, I started with Nyssa and Scout in Isla Paradiso and played for about a week before the weird lag got the best of me and I decided to try starting over in a new town.  The game kept stopping completely for like 30 seconds and then starting back up.  I read that there’s a lot of problems with that town and I wasn’t about to try to figure out how to fix them.  Since starting the new game I’ve had no problems at all.

Malcolm was literally the first sim she met in Moonlight Falls.  I think their relationship took so long to progress because I had no clue what I was doing.  I couldn’t figure out how to woohoo, ask him to be her boyfriend, propose and get married. I was trying to figure it out on my own instead of looking it all up and that took almost her whole young adult life stage before I gave up and looked everything up.  There were also several days that he was “working” and didn’t know when he’d be done.  I finally tracked him down “working” at the consignment shop and had her invite him back to the house.  I believe that was Scout’s birthday/baby making day.

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m playing this entirely for fun.  I’m not paying attention to plumbobs, lighting or whether the walls are up or not.  The screenshots I took when I remembered to do so, which was few and far between because I was so engrossed that I kept forgetting.  Which is why there are so few of them for such a long period of time.  I’m technically supposed to complete her lifetime wish but there’s just no way that’s going to happen so I’m kinda looking at this first gen as the starter to the real challenge… unless I decide that’s not fun anymore, in which case I’ll just forget the whole “challenge” idea altogether.

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