TS3- Wishacy 1.2: Amber, Lilith and Young Scout

Chapter 1.2


The new house.  Ironically, it felt very familiar to me and I realized after a bit that my Supernatural Family that I made while I was waiting for Sims 4 to come out, lived here for a time.


Scout kept looking at Amber and getting this question mark thought bubble.  I didn’t figure out why until later… you’ll have to wait for the next chapter!


It’s already time for Amber to age to toddler.  Where did the time go?


Mom must have been really hungry.  She blew out the candles, put the baby down and went to the fridge.


Teaching the baby to walk the easy way.  Happily, she got wishes for all of Amber’s toddler training skills.


Malcolm gets a job in the music industry and starts learning the guitar.  Oddly, he has maxxed scuba diving skill.  I’m not even sure if there’s a place to scuba in this town?


Nyssa decides she wants another baby and they try for baby.


Feed on the floor is much more convenient than the high chair but she wanted to buy it and autonomously uses it so whatever.


Daddy takes her out when she’s done eating and cuddles her.


Then puts her down and Mom lays one on him.


Another random fairy zombie.  No idea why I find them so entertaining.  Especially the umbrellas.


Time for a stroll in the stroller and in the sun I realize that Amber has blue hair like her dad!  In the house, it looked black.


While they’re away for their walk Malcolm plays with Scout.  This is a very beloved pet to them all.  He gets constant attention.


Even from Amber.


The baby was born, a girl named Lilith and the next morning Nyssa played chase with Scout.


Okay, I cheated.  Scout had just over 10,000 lifetime happiness points and he needed 20,000 for the young again potion.  But he wasn’t getting any wishes.  He was close to the end of his age bar and I panicked and looked up how to get more points.  I love him too much to lose him.


In a burst of light Scout becomes an adult dog again!  Yay!


With that settled and needing to go back to work soon, Nyssa gets a computer to write articles on since she can’t really go to the library to do so anymore.


No idea why this is the only picture of Lilith… other than Sims 3 babies are seriously boring.  They’re just these little swaddled bundles that cry.


Scout watching Malcolm practice the guitar.  Looks like he’s enjoying it.  Malcolm must be getting better because he used to bark whenever he played.  LOL

Chapter 1.3

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