TS4- Heart & Soul 2.7: Family is Everything

Chapter 2.7

There might not be much that Keegan and Mariela agreed on, sometimes he thought they argued just for the sake of arguing, but they both agreed after the insanity that was taking care of the twins as babies and toddlers that they were done with having kids.  He had no idea how his parents had done it with triplets, and having five kids! Craziness.

He knew parents weren’t supposed to pick favorites, and it might just be because she’s older and has had more time to show her personality, but Keegan would do anything for his little Sascha.

“Please, daddy can I have a new Voidcritter card?”

The twins were inseparable.  He had been close to Kyler growing up but that was nothing compared to Rand and Nïx. They insisted on sharing a room, she played chess with him even though she told Keegan she hates chess and Rand in turn, played on the monkey bars or at the playground around other kids when he’d rather be home.

They were a mix of personalities that was for sure.

Sascha had inherited her mother’s temper it seemed.

Luckily, listening to music for a bit usually calmed her down.  So Keegan bought her a radio for her room so that when she was sent there as punishment, she was usually fine by the time she was allowed to rejoin her siblings.

Keegan worried about Nïx.  She was so unlike her sister’s fiery personality.  He recognized the same sadness in her that he felt at times.  He vowed to keep an eye on it.

She did have her strange habits, though he was always shocked at some of the stuff that she found.

The first time he noticed her talking to herself Keegan laughed out loud.  He would have thought Nïx was Isaac’s kid.

In comparison, Isaac’s daughter Liza was a quiet cheerful girl.

Rand, well, he’s just Rand.  Too smart for his own good.  Anti-social except when it comes to his twin.

With a temper to match his mother’s if pushed into something he doesn’t want to do.

“There’s no way your Mytheme card can beat my Yorier card!” Sascha exclaimed.

“Mytheme can so beat Yorier, just wait ’till after dinner and you’ll see!” Nïx challenged.

Although Rand said nothing, everyone knew it would be his twin he cheered on when the battle began.

“Don’t you kids have something better to do other than battle those critters all of the time?”

“Sure!” Nïx exclaimed, “I made it 5 times across the monkey bars today without falling!”

“I beat dad at chess” Rand grinned.

“Umm no grandpa,” Sascha said rolling her eyes, “there’s nothing better than Voidcritters!”

“Sascha!” Keegan warned.

“Sorry grandpa,” she pouted then looked to her grandmother, “grandma, you won’t believe what I found in a log today!  Someone hid a Chompy Monsta toy in there!”

“Oh did they?  Funny, I only ever find frogs.  I’m two away from completing my collection!”

“Logs are boring, the trash is the bestest place to look for discarded toys!  That’s where I found my Mytheme card that I’m gonna beat Sascha with!” Nïx announced.

The conversation returned to Voidcritters until everyone was finished eating and the battle began.

No, Keegan didn’t want any more kids.  He loved these three so much he didn’t see the point in having more.  This family, his family, was the best anyone could ask for.

Chapter 2.8

Chapter notes:

Technically, since Tad Marx is older than the Holt twins, he should have been in the picture of all the kids at the arcade club.  But, I have some catching up to do in the Marx household and haven’t aged him up yet!  I didn’t realize until later that he should have been there.  Just imagine he’s off getting a pastry.  🙂

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    1. It was a Sunday when I did that chapter and it took the entire day from like 5am to 10pm to take all the screenshots. If they’d had school it would have taken several days.

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