TS3- Wishacy 1.3: Scales? Say What?

Chapter 1.3

The girls had their birthdays on the same day.  Lilith went first.

The lighting in this house was horrible so it’s hard to tell but she got her Mom’s hair color.

Next is Amber.  Take note of the pink-colored “tights” she’s wearing.

She aged up with a horrible haircut and when I clicked on the mirror it had to option to change “scale color!”  Holy moley!  She’s a freaking mermaid!  So I changed them to blue to match her pretty blue hair.  Malcolm had maxxed skill in snorkeling and I thought that was weird.  It took quite a bit of research online but I finally found an old forum post about the game randomly assigning townies as merfolk!  I can’t even begin to express how excited I’ve been about this! Now we know why Scout kept getting the question mark thought bubble.  I caught it in time one day and it said “investigate strange sim.”

I’m not sure why but I’ve always found this a bit annoying.

So, it’s the full moon, and the family is sleeping.  I keep hearing this horrible noise and I can’t figure out what the heck it is.  Finally, I find this zombie eating this mushroom but it doesn’t just eat it and be done with it.  It repeatedly munches and shoves into it’s mouth making this like grinding noise.  Argh.  The mushroom never disappears and the zombie just keeps munching it.

Just when I was about to lose my mind over the noise another zombie pops up, pushes the other one out of the way and starts munching!  Oh dear god.  It was terrible.  Daylight couldn’t come soon enough!

Then daylight comes and the 2 zombies magically become normal sims.  This one, the first one, walks onto the porch and throws up.  Yea well, all that mushroom eating ya know.  The fairy, on the other hand, stands in the back yard doing flips going weeeee over and over again!  Nyssa had to go out and ask them to leave!

This weird freezer bunny type magic gnome popped up.  I left it there until they moved then sold it for $1,000!

Erm yea, let’s just call the repairman from now on.

“I am the ferocious beastie!”

“I gobble up all the freezer bunnehs!”

I just kept buying all the toys they got wishes for so there was quite a bit to move into inventory.  Amber was on the hopscotch when they moved so it didn’t come with them.

This was a whole ordeal.  The house that they were in before was just yuck.  Plus, it was wayyy out in the middle of nowhere.  I wanted them to live as close to the town square thingy as possible.  But there weren’t any houses there. Hehe, this is Sims 3.  We can fix that up!  I moved some supernatural bar across the street from where it originally was, got this house on MTS and put it down.  Why did I want this in the bar’s lot?  Because it’s really close to water for Amber to swim in of course!

Here’s a bit of the inside.  The colors are so much nicer and it was only a few thousand more than their old house.

Scout had the wish to meet another pet, or something like that, pretty much since I started.  I searched and searched the map for strays running around and found none.  (I didn’t have mods installed yet so I didn’t have the map tags either.)  The day after they move to the new house this cat walks through the backyard!  I was so excited I sent him right out.  At first, they seemed happy to see each other, then they didn’t like each other and he went into the house. The cat stood on the back porch hissing over and over.  I didn’t know what to do.  All of the sudden a pop-up tells me the cats name? is stuck and the cat disappears.  Yay Overwatch!  When I got the house I stuck my mods folder back in.

This is so adorable.  And look, now you can see her pretty red hair.

There’s a small pond behind the house and Scout likes to go out there to drink.  Don’t fall in!

Alright, so one of the reasons I wanted to move closer to town is because there were never any walkby’s in the old house.  When I remembered this I decided to look around the street to see if there was anyone around.  I zoomed in to see this old man closer and realized he was carrying a tiny dog!  Not sure if it’s a puppy or what.  He walked to the park and put the dog down and hovering over the dog it said it was going home.  Poor little thing had to run all the way home!

I saw this deer and made Amber go outside to watch it.  So cool.

Lilith playing blocks on the porch.

Erm yea.  I forget what it was I was making her do… but I didn’t realize how tired she was until I was sending her to bed and she passed out!

*sigh*  The problem with having to click on their moodlet to make them do whatever needs done instead of just choosing “sleep” is that they don’t always do what I want.  Like with the children, sometimes clicking the tired moodlet makes them ask for a story to be read.  Or Malcolm will just take a nap instead of sleeping.  Or brush his teeth instead of bathing.  Amber kept getting juice from the fridge when I clicked her hungry moodlet.  Oh well, at least it isn’t like an ISBI where I can’t do anything.  I do quite a bit with them following their wishes.

And with the random vampire running past the house pic, I will end this chapter.  In the next chapter Malcolm, Amber and Lilith all age up!

Chapter 1.4

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