TS3- Wishacy 1.4: Messing with Mods

Chapter 1.4


It’s a triple birthday!  Malcolm goes first, aging to elder.


Next to blow out the candles is Amber, aging to teen.


Last is Lilith, aging to child.


I decided that since her scales look like tights to put Amber in a cute little skirt to show them off.  While searching for hair I found mermaid hair with seashells in it!  So cool.  Isn’t she so pretty?


I was messing around with Amber, sending her to the grocery store to buy kelp to eat and some stuff to plant since the game assigned her the green thumb trait… I went back to the house and Lilith was outside with this vampire woman and the woman was screaming at her!  I wasn’t away from the house very long at all.  Her motorcycle was parked outside, I’ve never seen her before.  I had to send Malcolm out to ask her to leave.  Nobody in the house knew her.  Lilith was all upset about a rude houseguest.  So weird.


Run horsie!  Run!


One day it was like 4pm and I realized I didn’t see Lilith.  I clicked on her and it said she was playing chess.  They don’t have a chess table.  I found her outside of the school.


Peddle your heart out girlie it’s getting late!


I had some problems at first with Amber’s hair changing to the hair she aged up in when she swam.  I have no idea what ended up fixing it because I tried a bunch of stuff I read online to do.  But yay she’s all beautiful and mermaidy!


Lilith plays a game while Amber fishes for dinner.


Ohmygosh, look at this frog!  It’s enormous!  Yummy.


Wild horse runs by…


Then comes back a bit later to stand behind her and think bad thoughts about her.


Meanwhile, Lilith takes Scout for a walk.


They both had the wish for her to learn to drive so they got a new fancy truck!

A/N: This part is picking up where I started back off with the next day so it might seem a bit random…


After figuring out how to make map tags with the mod to work so that it showed sims by age I was disappointed to see there were only 3 other teenagers in the neighborhood.  Only one of them dateable.  This one, Bryce Younan.


Then there’s this girl, I think her last name was Wolfe.


And her werewolf brother Gator.  Ugh.  Wow did the game age him up ugly!


So I sent Amber to Bryce’s house to meet him.  The prom was the next day and I had hoped to get her a date so the game didn’t randomly assign Gator as her boyfriend.  But I had some setting wrong in the mod and had no romantic menu.  She got tired and it was almost curfew so I sent her home.


This is her after she got home from her first prom.  She ended up going again like a week later.


Lilith wanted to watch the wild horse so I let her and zoomed in to look at it and it’s the unicorn!  Awesome.


I figured out whatever I had turned off in the mod to not make the romance menu come up and Bryce and Amber have their first kiss!

Chapter 1.5

Chapter notes:

It seems like most of my outside shots were taken at night looking at them now.  It’s so dark all the time because it seems to rain or snow constantly!  I’ve even considered getting that weather gadget whatever reward.

After putting my mods folder back in I was trying to figure out map tags and was looking on the NRass website for how to do it when I realized that there were newer versions of the mods there!  I was totally not expecting that.  I remember reading somewhere that they wouldn’t be updating Twallan’s mods anymore.  Unfortunately, it’s not easy like with MC Command Center.  I had to write down which packs I had and download the new ones individually and mark them off the list as I went.  I added a few new ones that I didn’t have while I was at it.  Back in the day I was afraid of mods and used just the ones I needed for the 100 baby challenge and to make the game run smoother.

Ironically, it was putting the mods in that even gave Amber the opportunity to have a relationship with Bryce.  When I saw the 3 teens on the map their names were oddly familiar to me, especially Gator, who wouldn’t remember that name?  Then I looked Bryce up online and he was a child when Nyssa moved to town.  So technically he should be much older.  Then I realized why they were familiar.  One of the first things that popped up were their names as “stuck aging check!”

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        1. Awe. *blush* Thanks! I still have a few unpublished chapters actually. I played the heck out of this family before I got tired of them… mostly the mod annoyed me truthfully.

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