TS3- Wishacy 1.5: Endings and Beginnings

Chapter 1.5


It’s Nyssa and Lilith’s birthdays.  Nyssa goes first and ages to elder.


Then Lilith takes her turn to age to teen.


Here they are after their makeovers.  Looking snazzy in that kitty sweater Nyssa.


Bah, mods.  I stopped the one that was keeping the 3 other teens in the town from dating so that Amber could date Bryce and it almost immediately hooked him up with that other teen girl.  I found a setting that will make it so I can mark a particular sim for no flirts… the problem is that Amber couldn’t do any romance stuff with him either.  So I took the marking off temporarily, made him her boyfriend and put it back on.  Sheesh.


It’s her 2nd prom and this time she has a date.  Lilith went too and ended up with that Gator guy.  *rolls eyes*


Just a random mermaid pic.


Fishing up dinner while Lilith messes around with the chemistry table.


Playing with Scout.


She wanted to go to the neighborhood pool to swim and so she brought Lilith and Scout too.  While Lilith put booby traps on the bathroom sinks Amber swims with Scout.  I didn’t even know dogs could swim in the game!


A fight broke out by the entrance.  Probably werewolves.


Oh man.  The noise.  It’s back.  Amber’s garden was invaded by zombies!  Luckily I figured out how to reset them so they leave the lot.


It’s Love Day.  Nyssa and Malcolm’s anniversary and Amber ages to young adult.


Looking snazzy.  Going to get a job at the science facility for her lifetime wish.


So Amber hadn’t seen Bryce since prom.  He aged up like immediately after it was over.  I wondered how on earth I was going to get her to want to see him again when Nyssa rolled the want for Amber to get married!  Score.  So she invites him over.


I was afraid since I took the thing off him preventing him from getting in a relationship that the mod would marry him off before she had a chance so I had her propose that night.  It was kinda cool though because it was her parent’s anniversary.


By the time they had their private wedding her needs were terrible.


Welcome to the family Bryce!  Time to get rid of that awful haircut.


He actually had quite a high skill level in painting so I had him quit his science job since that’s what Amber was supposed to be doing and figured I’d have him paint.  Then he rolled the want to be in the painter career.  Even better.  Compared to the paintings in Sims 4, they take forever.  At first, he painted a lot and I had him do mostly small paintings and consign them.


Both Nyssa and Malcolm rolled the wants for a grandchild.


Amber finding out she’s pregnant.  At this point, she had gone to work once.  It’s technically not her generation yet because Nyssa still hasn’t completed her lifetime wish.  I changed it to the journalism one but until she does that I can’t switch to controlling Amber.


Lilith ages to young adult.  I marked her for marriage to a young adult.  I realized in the state the neighborhood was in that most likely meant a supernatural.  But I didn’t want her to end up with some elder.


I was getting ready to move her out and this random “stray dog” came in and started playing with Scout’s toys.


And she’s off!  She almost immediately gets paired up with a vampire guy named Tristan Van Gould.  More about that in the next chapter.


Alright, so with baby number one on the way I wanted a new house.  I spent close to 2 hours on MTS and TSR looking at houses.  I really didn’t find much that I liked.  At this point, they had quite a bit of money it’s just nothing fit the family.  I moved them to an empty lot, put down this house, moved them back and after about 2 minutes of looking at it exited the game.  I then edited the house they’d been living in.  The floorplan is terrible but I’m dealing with it.


Despite eating watermelon while pregnant to get the girl that both she and Bryce wanted, Amber had a boy they named Cole.  They immediately tried again for a girl.


This was so sweet.  Malcolm and Nyssa in their pj’s looking at the stars together.


This is what I did to the house.  I made Amber and Bryce’s room smaller and added 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on. The old bathroom became a hallway.  The problem is you have to go through a bathroom to get to one bedroom and through a bedroom to get to the other bathroom.


Grandma spending time with her grandson.


When I got the notice that it was time for Cole to age to toddler I wasn’t ready, I thought it would give me until the next morning but that night Nyssa took him out of the crib and he aged up.


Yep, he’s a mermaid.  She holds him for a few minutes…


…then her time has come.  Now, Malcolm is like 7 days older than her but she died first.  As soon as her ageline was full, I think.


I think Amber had been swimming and then was reading in her swimsuit or something?  The family gathers to say goodbye.


Everyone’s heartbroken.  I forgot how upset the sims get in this game over death.


Poor Scout.


Haha.  Yep, even with eating watermelon again, she had another boy.  This one is named Parker.  I decided just to forget about the girl wish and cheated and canceled it out.  Both of them kept getting wishes to have another baby and I ignored them.  In the next chapter, you’ll discover this was all in vain.


To finish the first generation off little Scout ages to elder.  Nyssa had the long life for pets trait and as soon as she died his ageline shot up.

Chapter 2.1

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