TS3- Wishacy 2.1: All Messed Up!

Chapter 2.1


Confused?  Let me explain… you might remember me mentioning that Lilith became engaged to Tristan almost immediately after moving out.  She also became pregnant with his baby.  But that was around the time that Amber had Cole.  I realized after she had Parker that I never got notice of Lilith giving birth.  So I looked for her house and there was no baby on the map.  I had to look up how to change households so I could go to Lilith’s and check it out. She appeared pregnant but had a “it’s a boy” moodlet.


She invites Tristan over and as soon as they start flirting, despite it showing them engaged on her relationship panel, I get a warning about showing affection in public or some nonsense like that.  They were at her house!


So I decided to just go ahead and get them married, I had no idea why the mod hadn’t yet.


He looks absolutely terrible in this picture.  I actually took it because it was cute, him carrying the puppy.  Somehow Lilith came into money so I decided to move them to a bigger house with room for kids.


I figured a day with them wouldn’t be that big of a deal, that it couldn’t be longer than that for her to have the baby right?  While there the puppy aged up.  This is about the time when all hell broke loose in the other house.  Suddenly I started getting one notification after another.  First, Malcolm started dating someone.  I figured well I guess I’ll have to break them up when I get back to the main house.  Then I kept getting notifications that they were buying businesses.  I’m still confused about that.  Then Malcolm and the woman broke up.  Weird.  Then some other random woman moved in.  At this point I was about to freak out.  I figured it’s time to switch back.  Then I get a notification that Amber is pregnant again!  Ugh.  That was the end of that… I thought.


When I get back to the house Parker has aged to toddler.  He and Cole are home alone with the strange woman. Nobody else is home and there was apparently some kind of paranormal haunting thing happening.  There was this crazy music and orange glow and casper-like ghosts floating around.  You can see him walking away from the house in the picture.  I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop!  I did searches online but nothing came up.  I ended up having to close the game, start back at Lilith’s where I saved after the puppy aged up and I watched this house until morning praying nothing else would happen.  When Amber got home she stood on the porch for hours.  When I took back over this house her needs were all red.  I couldn’t get her to go to the bathroom or anything.  I reset her and all her needs filled.  So weird.


I totally forgot about this.  So when I started back in Lilith and Tristan’s house, she was cooking and he started doing this.  It was really hilarious.


My first look at Parker as a toddler.  He isn’t a mermaid and he has blue hair.  I dub him the heir.


Bryce was going stircrazy so he took a stroll with Cole.


*sigh*  So you thought the craziness was over?  No.  I got a report from Errortrap with Lilith’s name on it.  So I find her on the map and zoom in.  She’s not pregnant!  I look at their house, there’s no baby!  So apparently, from what I can figure out, she had been bugged almost from the time she moved out of the house.  That must have been why they got engaged and pregnant but then never married or anything.  She ended up pregnant again a few days later and had a boy named Jay.


I was kinda thinking maybe, just maybe Amber wasn’t pregnant.  She wasn’t nauseous or anything.  But no, when I sent her to the grocery store to buy more kelp to eat since the brilliant mod had her consign all of the kelp from her inventory she hopped out of the cab and discovered she was pregnant.  Also, the darned thing had Malcolm consign all of Nyssa’s article books that were in his inventory!


Nyssa haunts the house and greets her 2nd grandson.  It’s so nice having a sim haunt that isn’t trying to scare everyone and break everything.  Sims 2 ghosts are a nightmare and Sims 4 ghosts aren’t much better.


This looks nasty but it was so funny.  He was laying there in these leaves that the new maid raked up and throwing them in the air.  I saw it through the window from inside and was like what on earth is that?  Despite having no real options for a husband for Amber, I really like Bryce.


Time for Cole to age to child.  The guy with the afro is the maid.  He’s like part of the family I swear.  Unfortunately, one day some other maid started coming which really annoyed me.


Isn’t he so cute?  He loves the outdoors and is athletic.


Baby number three is another boy!  One of them wanted a boy and the other wanted a girl so I figured someone would get their wish.  His name is Axle and he’s another mermaid.


I’m not exactly sure if it was Nyssa in the room that woke up Cole or baby Axle.


At 106 days old Malcolm’s time had finally come.  I was sad.


The grim reaper showed up and I tried clicking on him to see if there is pleading in this version of the game but I couldn’t.


Yep that’s right.  Apparently, I couldn’t make one of the sims plead for Malcolm because Scout beat me to it!  He started howling at Grim and Grim looked like he was talking back and this popped up!


Malcolm came back to life and everyone went back to their business as if nothing had happened.  He had a stressed moodlet.  I’d be stressed too buddy.


Bryce reading Cole a bedtime story.


I didn’t realize you could take toddlers in the rocker too until Malcolm did it with Parker.  So cute!


Axle ages to toddler.


He has an odd color of hair that I’m assuming comes from Bryce’s genetics.  I’ve never paid attention to any of his relatives.


He gets one day chilling out with brother Parker.


I guess I didn’t take a picture of Bryce aging to adult.  He had a midlife crisis and wanted to be more muscular.  So he worked out all night.


Nyssa was here for the split second I had it paused for this picture.  As soon as I unpaused it she disappeared into her grave.  Parker ages to child and it’s that winter holiday.


Here he is after a makeover.  I just love that blue hair!


Since they now have family to invite over, they throw a gift-giving party.  Lilith and Tristan were all lovey dovey, it was sweet.  Apparently, you can’t invite toddlers so Jay had to stay home.


Notice someone extra?  The maid was there and he sat down and got a gift too.  Told ya he was like family.


I have no idea why I love these console games so much.  I have tons of pictures of my sims in Sims 2 playing them.


Cole and Parker get bunk beds so that I can fit a toybox and costume chest in their room.  Parker plays peek-a-boo with Axle.


Amber ages to adult.  Remember when she got pregnant with Cole in the last chapter and I mentioned she’d been to work one day?  Yep, she hasn’t been back yet.  That’s some serious maternity leave.  I don’t expect her to get to level 9 and complete her lifetime wish.  When she aged up it only changed her hair, which I changed back so her look didn’t change.  She, of course, had a midlife crisis.


Just thought this was sweet.  Scout doesn’t have much longer and Malcolm is still holding strong.  This chapter is a long span of time without a whole lot of pictures because I seriously just sat back and watched them a good part of the time.

Chapter 2.2

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