TS3- Wishacy 2.2: Farewell Scout

Chapter 2.2


It’s already time for Cole to age to teen!


Not the best “after makeover” picture.


Parker taking a joyride on the couch.


Cole being all cute playing with Axle.


Awe.  So sweet.  I guess he decided the spares have to stick together.


A buck!


Okay, it’s raining.  Is there a reason why you needed to feed him outside?


Amber is so annoying.  She needs to swim in the ocean all the time right?  So I send her there, make her swim, go on to one of the other sims and usually within minutes she’s walking back in the door!  This time I found her at a bar by the house.


Grandpa reading Parker a bedtime story.


Axle’s child birthday couldn’t come soon enough.  Seriously, I was so sick of babies and toddlers!


His face says it all.  He got the grumpy trait.  I just wanted to see what it’s like.  So far he just gets negative grumpy moodlets, kinda boring.


Scout leaves us.  Notice that Scout lived 2 lifetimes and grandpa Malcolm is still kickin’?  Sheesh.


This was kinda sweet.


Everyone loses their minds over it and I can’t blame them.  I got misty-eyed myself.


Scout’s tombstone joins Nyssa’s.


Then it’s time for Parker to age to teen.


He turned out pretty handsome.


I was looking at the map to find where the girls are that I wanted Parker to meet when I noticed Jay Moone’s maptag so I zoomed in.  He’s a vampire!


I unpaused it and Lilith picked him up.  Awe.


When he aged to child I marked all the girls that were around his age.  This one was my number one choice.  Her name is Autumn.  He talks to her for a few minutes, finds out she’s a snob and after I get a better look at her I’m like naw, not happening.  I just didn’t like the look of her at all.


Number 2 choice.  I played a couple of generations of fairies in my legacy so I’m not adverse to them or anything but I just couldn’t warm up to this chick.  Plus she thought Parker was boring.


Oh dear god no.  I didn’t even have him go introduce himself to this one.  A hairy vampire/werewolf hybrid?  No thanks.


What on earth is going on with the genetics in this neighborhood???  I looked around for girls that were a bit older and found this one.  She’s seriously scary looking!


So, I went on TSR and found this girl.  She had CC hair but it had this huge bald spot every time she moved her head. I just gave her a randomly generated mom and stuck them in a house and sent him over to introduce himself.  The prom was that night and even though he didn’t ask her or anything she became his romantic interest.


Yay it’s ghostie Scout!


*sigh* Remind me to never have a mermaid again.  Toss another bucket of water on her Malcolm, maybe it’ll knock some sense into her and she’ll stay in the darned water and swim next time!

Chapter 2.3

Chapter notes:

Parker’s girlfriend is Scenegirl1 by SummerDawnX.

2 thoughts on “TS3- Wishacy 2.2: Farewell Scout

    1. Oh ugh. I had the fairies at the end of my legacy. The heir cured herself and her sister moved out. I forgot their lifespan is different.

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