TS3- Wishacy 2.3: One Hundred Twenty-Two

Chapter 2.3


As much as we loved Scout, the house was just sad without a doggie.  Welcome this little Yorkie named Pip.


This time, when the pop-up offered the adults a free vacation I jumped at the chance to just control the kids.  I threw all the rules of not controlling them out the window while it was just them.  It was so fun.  They invited all the other teens to the house.


It was a bit chaotic.  Parker hates the outdoors so he wasn’t too happy but I made him dance with his girlfriend anyway.


It’s a fairy-playing-catch invasion!


Unlike Scout, Pip gets lots of wishes.  One was for this biscuit ball.  I love watching him play with it.


The parents were still gone so I sent the boys and dog to the park.  Poor Cole, being a darned mermaid makes him constantly hungry.  He’s acclimating to dry land but it’s taking forever.


Pip meets Lilith’s dog… the one we saw in the last chapter age from puppy.


Pip wanted to learn to hunt collectables so Cole taught him a bit and then he spent the next morning while the kids were in school hunting.


Awe darn.  The adults have returned.  Seriously, I’m not enthused about any of them anymore.


Lilith’s son Jay aged to child.  I was looking at the map for something and saw he was out of the house so I had to zoom in to see what he was doing.


Axle ages to teen.


Just for fun I gave him the hopeless romantic trait.  Poor kid.  He has the strangest mix of traits.


Oh thank goodness.  I mean oh no Malcolm died.  Sorry guys, last I checked he was 122 days old.  I was soooo ready for him to go.  I had stopped controlling him before he died the first time!


Of course, everyone is heartbroken.  But I was having none of that.  I cheated away all of their mourning moodlets. Seriously, I was so ready for him to go.


I was surprised to see he got a different grave from Nyssa’s.  I wonder why?


Awe so sweet.  I so love pets!


It was the summer festival.  Parker and his girlfriend went to hang out at the town square thingy.  After checking for the like 10th time for the potion that would cure Cole and Axle of being mermaids I realized I could just go into CAS and change them to human there.  Which I did.  They were seriously miserable all the time and the acclimating to dry land thing didn’t work!


I didn’t play for a day and before I started back I decided to search again for a bigger house for them.  I found this on TSR.  I’ll link to it below.  Here’s the first storey.  Notice that there’s an area for a horsie.


Here’s the second storey.  I didn’t really mess around with the decor at all yet so it’s pretty plain.  Plus, I haven’t decided who’s staying in the house or whatnot so that’s another reason I didn’t decorate.  The main problem with the house that will need changed is there’s a living room type area in the master bedroom.  The other sims keep going in there to watch tv and waking up Amber and Bryce.


I got a horsie named Cobalt.


Then the next day was Cole’s young adult birthday.


Axle had been cooking in the kitchen when I clicked on blow out candles and a fire broke out!


While everyone panics Cole enjoys his birthday cake.  Like I said, I haven’t decided if I’m moving him out or moving his girlfriend in.  My experience with moving Lilith out wasn’t that great.


And speaking of Lilith, I got a notification that her son Jay had aged to teen and I wanted to see if he was in some public space where I could get a look at him.  He wasn’t, but I saw a bunch of sims gathered in the middle of nowhere while I had the map up so I zoomed in to see what was going on.  Apparently, it’s a clown protest?  Weird.

Chapter 2.4

Chapter notes:

The new house is philo’s Hildenberg on The Sims Resource.

As to my mention of everything being messed up with Lilith and my indecisiveness of moving spares out to live their own lives… Lilith and Tristan apparently divorced.  I didn’t get any kind of notification.  Just one day there was a story about her dating some guy, then they broke up and she was dating some other guy.  Then it had a thing about Tristan needing a bed and buying a home.  I’m pretty annoyed about the whole thing.

I’m seriously considering moving the family, along with Lilith and Jay to another town.  This one is overrun by supernaturals.  The NRaas mod does allow you to lower the percentage of supernaturals in the town but the problem is that it counts animals in the “human” category!  So when I look to see how many humans there are it shows this huge number, like hundres, but technically it’s like 20 sims and the rest are animals.  I had a werewolf before and he was really good looking, these werewolfs are horribly ugly.  We’ll see.  Until I decide what to do I’m going to take a break from playing this.  So by the time the next chapter is posted you’ll see what I decided.

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    1. I’ll have to look back on the few screenshots I have of him but I did have a family with a werewolf hubby and in my memory he was cute. I could be wrong?


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