TS3- Wishacy 2.4: Mayfield Springs

Chapter 2.4


Why is everyone, including Lilith and Jay, standing on an empty lot you ask?  Well, if you remember, I mentioned in the last chapter that I was thinking of moving the family to a new town.  I searched for hours online and found a really awesome user created one and put it into the game.  Then I moved everyone into one household and I was afraid they wouldn’t get the money for selling their house so I had them move to an empty lot first.  Mayfield Springs here we come!


The first time I tried moving them there when I got to the map of the new town the game crashed.  I was afraid this would keep happening, but it didn’t.  Here they are in front of the new house.  It took me forever to decide on a house.  I love the house but the placement isn’t that great.


Before Lilith and Jay move out I give him a makeover.  He looked super ugly before.


There are some definite routing issues.  When Cole moved out he ran out the front door, through this side yard and then way up a hill before getting in a cab.


Here’s Lilith and Jay’s new house.


And here’s Cole’s.  I used the kickout option with all of them and the game just randomly put them in these houses.


Amber fishing on the dock before I bought the sailboat.


Now that they barely have any money anymore Bryce has a reason to paint again.


Parker had stayed up pretty much all night the night before and was already tired when he went to school.  He got off the bus down the street from the house and passed out on the sidewalk.  It’s annoying because if they’ve taken a nap they get that nap moodlet no matter how tired they are so I can’t send them back to bed.


I saw a magic show on the map and sent Amber there to check it out.  Either the guy was terrible or magic shows are super boring.


Isn’t the water so beautiful at sunrise?  Also, now you can see the house.


Bryce ages to elder.


Awe everyone is getting so old.


Every time I wanted to send him to the consignment store to sell his paintings there wasn’t anyone working.  I ended up clicking on the register and picking a random townie to run it and he came and opened it.  Problem solved.


They have a washer and dryer in this house.  I love the moodlets they get from them but even with hampers in almost every room there’s still clothes laying all over the place.


Parker ages to young adult.  Even though he’s the heir I don’t get to fully control him other than wishes and moodlets still because Amber is nowhere close to completing her lifetime wish.  So it’s technically still gen two.


Really game?  Could it seriously have made him look any worse?  Sorry about the odd angle of the pic, I wanted to get the entire ugly outfit in.


Whew.  That’s better.  For some reason, it never popped up to pick a lifetime wish for him.  I even went into CAS and picked one, no go.  I ended up spending 10,000 points and getting the reward that lets you pick a new wish and it came up then.  He’s got the Monster Maker wish and eccentric trait.  This should be fun!


It’s Spooky Day and Parker wanted to have a feast party.  So he invited Lilith, Jay and Cole.  Some random girl showed up too.


I was bored with the non-party… what on earth is a feast party anyway?  So when he got the wish to learn to invent I sent him up to dabble.  His face is priceless.


Meanwhile, everyone in the house has gone to bed and these guys are still there!


Parker got abducted by aliens!  I’ve only had this happen to my plumbots in my legacy so I was really excited.


Wow, that spaceship comes really close to pick him up.  After they dropped him back off an alien appeared but he couldn’t talk to it, it just ran away.


At 3:30am, about 18 hours after they first arrived for the party, everyone finally leaves.


Parker graduated.  It said someone else was supposed to graduate too but I never saw them, whoever they are.


Yay!  Unfortunately, nobody in the house got a wish for him to marry or anything so I have no idea if/when he’ll get with someone.  He has the family trait but who knows.  With Amber, her mom got a wish for both girls to get married when they aged to young adult.

Chapter 2.5

Chapter notes:

I found the town of Mayfield Springs on the Sims Catalogue website.  It’s really awesome.  The creator built it all.  There’s a neat little 4 minute video on the site showing it off.

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