TS3- Wishacy 2.5: Take Two

Chapter 2.5


Yes, it’s already time for Amber to age to elder.  I think at this point, she was only like level 4 or 5 in her science career and she needs level 9 to complete her lifetime wish so I’m not holding my breath for that one.


She turned out to be a cute elder.  Some of my elders in Sims 4 look like walking dead so this was a relief.


Parker was just “inventing” when he caught on fire!


I guess, technically, having Bryce put the fire out was cheating.  I realized later that most of my gameplay in this challenge lately has been cheating.


Once he gets over the fire incident he wants to go dig for scrap.  The annoying thing is, he has the hates the outdoors trait so he really hates doing this even though he keeps wishing for it.


He wanted to go to the art gallery and I was like yes this is a chance for him to meet some sims.  The only person he talked to was his older brother Cole.  Boring.


I cheated again.  I was getting really impatient with the whole “no wants for mates” thing and had him make a dating profile.  He instantly got a wish to meet someone online so after that it didn’t feel like cheating… whatever.


The nice thing about this new town is that the water is actually ocean so she can swim in the winter, she couldn’t in the old town and I had to keep canceling out the acclimating to dry land moodlet.  She gets a polar bear club moodlet from swimming in the winter now.


Finally, Axle ages to young adult.  I forgot how much younger than the other two he is.


Really game?  Ohmygosh they should have like a standard outfit or something to age up in instead of this ridiculousness.


I know, it’s a goofy outfit.  But somehow I thought it fit his traits.


He’s kicked out and the game moves him into this house.  I followed him there to see where he’d live.  Dang, I love open world.  I’m constantly watching the other sims, especially while my sims are sleeping… which leads to problems later.


I took this pic just because I thought it looked good.  This is one of the sims I thought possibly, maybe setting Parker up with.


This was a major pain in the butt.  Parker wanted to throw a gift giving party.  When I chose to have a party I forgot to select that one and it was a house party first.  I didn’t take any pictures of the first party because I didn’t pay much attention to it.  Unlike Sims 4 where you can click to cancel out the party and end it I had to wait for hours for everyone to leave to throw the real party.  Random sims keep showing up at the parties too which is kind of annoying.


So, once again, I cheated.  When some of the sims I had tagged as possible mates for Parker aged up to young adult I sent him around town meeting them.  I don’t know why but all the guys had an attraction score of 1/10.  When I hover over him on the map it says he’s strait, okay then.  (I do figure this out later)


He met this girl with the terrible hairstyle and got hearts right away.


I forced him to talk to her for hours and when he made a move she flipped out.  I didn’t like the look of her anyway.

Take One…


I swear I had Amber go swimming after work.  She must have gone to bed instead.  I was on high speed because everyone was sleeping… I might have been looking at the map or something, I do that a lot.  So I was kinda shocked when she died.  Apparently from being away from water too long!  Damned mermaids.


Apparently, the bathroom was too small.  Her and grim went downstairs and she pleaded with him and he said no and reaped her.  The thought never occurred to me to try to have someone save her.  I was in too much shock.


Mom’s dead?  What do I do?  Have Parker meet another girl.  Yea, at this point I’d totally thrown the rules out the window.


She doesn’t flip out when he flirts with her and he asks her to break up with her boyfriend and she does.  They kiss and he wants to go on a date with her.


He was hungry, so they went to a restaurant.  Then they stargazed, which is cute but he was miserable because… outside.


He didn’t have any more wishes with her so I ended up having him invite her over and ask her to spend the night. When he went to use the bathroom she went to sleep in Axle’s old bed.  He got no more wishes for her so I sent him to bed too.  Boring.


Then she gets up in the morning, eats and leaves for graduation.  Kinda robbing the cradle with this one.  He’s 9 days older.

  • At this point, he got another date wish for her.  She seemed to get stuck “graduating” for like 12 hours.  I ended up resetting her so he could go on a date with her.  Then he invited her back to the house and got a woohoo wish so I was going to have them try for baby and hope against hope that he got a wish to move her in or something!  It’s harder with a male heir.  Of course, none of that happened…


Take Two…


Yes Parker, you’ve got to do it all over again.  Just when I was about to have him try for baby with the girl the game froze up.  I’d been having issues with it pausing for periods of time but it usually unpaused a few seconds later.  This time, I waited 10 minutes and nothing happened so I had to force the game to close.  When I restarted it I found that it was 3 days earlier before Amber died.  I seriously considered doing everything exactly the same like I usually do when the game messes up like that but after thinking about it I realized how badly I was cheating on this challenge and decided to let it go.


Well, other than having Amber get a genie lamp and having Parker rub it.  The only wish he got was to free the genie which is kinda counter-productive so I just gave up on that idea.


He still had the stupid wish to meet someone online.  There was a decent looking girl on there that friended him.  I looked up how to fulfill the wish and it said he had to meet the sim in person.  But every time that he invited her out she said no.  So I spent forever making him chat with her on the phone hoping that an increased relationship would help.  It didn’t.


Finally, I gave up and found her on the map.  I figured it wouldn’t be cheating since meeting her in person would fulfill the wish.  It didn’t.  Then after talking to her forever he discovered that she’s married!  Dammit.  He got the wish to be good friends with her but unless he wants to try to break up the marriage between her and the guy twice her age that she’s married to I don’t know.


Pip ages up to elder.  He has over 10,000 points so I’m hoping he’ll be able to get the youth potion.  I hate that you spend all that time training these pets and they seem to age soooo fast.  I wonder if there’s a separate age slider for them?  I’ll have to look…. yes, there is.  I changed the dog sliders to as high as they go when I read this post again.

Chapter 2.6

Chapter notes:

With all of my frustration about nobody getting any wishes for Parker to be in a relationship or have kids, I decided to look on the rules to see if there’s anything I can do.  After reading the rules, I realized that I’ve been cheating even more than I thought I was!  I’m not supposed to fix anything or clean anything unless they wish it or autonomously do it.  *sigh*  There are 2 options here.  At first, I was going to do the first, which is to use his rewards to change his traits so he’s got something like hopeless romantic and wants a relationship.  But I decided not to do that.  The next is when he gets to 50,000 points earned, which he almost has, I get a free day to do whatever I want.  The problem with this is, I feel like with as much as I’ve cheated thus far that using this loophole isn’t fair.  I’m going to cancel all of the wishes regarding the online dating since he wouldn’t have had them if I hadn’t cheated.  I’ll just cross my fingers that at some point someone gets a wish for a baby or relationship.  If not, I guess it will end with Parker and I’ll start over.  There is the possibility of using a clone voucher and that kid’s generation would be a half generation… I might do that.

I’ve also taken out some mods that I added recently and cleared the cache’s so hopefully the game will run smoother.  I don’t think it’s the new town because it was fine when they first moved there.

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