TS3- Wishacy 2.6: Love Day Rocks!

Chapter 2.6


So I realized that putting all of the inventions in Parker’s inventory for sale at the consignment shop had been done during one of the times the game froze up on me.  It’s a pain because they all go in separately.


After that, he wanted to go to the bistro to eat.  So I sent him there and had it on high speed waiting for him to get out.  All of the sudden the icon showing him there disappeared and I looked for him and found him walking around the back of the building to go talk to this cat.  So weird.


After actually eating a meal at the bistro this time, Parker came out and immediately started messing with this horse.  Can’t you look for some people Parker?


Now, Amber gets asked on a date at least once a day, usually several times.  She knows tons of sims from her job.  This was the first for Parker.  This is the girl he met online that ended up being married.  I sent him anyway.


She wanted to have the date out in the middle of nowhere.  The location was a freaking dock by the water.  It was pouring rain and I decided to wait and see if he got any wishes regarding her.  He didn’t.  So the entire date was autonomous.


Here they are looking at the stars.  That dock next to the green houseboat was the date location.  So weird.


All of the sudden she started crying and flipping out.  Someone must have died.  He’s so cold.  He just up and left her there crying and went home… inside.


He gets home and I hear the damned music for the paranormal haunting.  I look around and the house next door looks like this.


I used mastercontroller to reset the lot but the walls and stuff were still down.  It was really weird.  I think the fairy family that lives there was bugged too because they all came running out of the house from nowhere when I reset it.


These seeds Amber planted the day before winter.  They are taking FOREVER.  I had hoped one would be the fruit that Parker will need to make his monster but I don’t think any are.  Online they say that fruit is supposed to be near graveyards but this is a custom world and there isn’t any.


I was so sick of the rain that when I realized Bryce had 100,000 lifetime happiness points just laying around I had him buy the weather thing to test it out.  Meh.  It works for a short period of time.


I sent Amber to the store to buy more kelp to eat and it canceled out with a picture of a simbot instead.  She was like all shocked and shaken by it.  Weird.

  • At this point, my game froze… again.  I had gotten to the next day but ended up back right before Amber went to the store.  Which is why you’ll notice some differences there the second time.


When Amber went to the store… again, the simbot was still there but there was also quite a crowd.  Parker had a wish to meet someone new so I sent him there and had him introduce himself to someone.  Then I left him autonomous to see if he had any wishes regarding anybody there.  He had a few but nothing exciting.


He wanted to wish for beauty.  I still have no idea what effect this had on him.


I just took this pic to show the huge crowd that was there.  I guess the grocery store is the place to be.


This is that chick that flipped out when he tried to be romantic with her in the last post.  All of this was autonomous.


The rain changed to snow and Parker was freezing.  It was no surprise that after the girl gave him some flowers he hightailed it home and was so happy to be back inside.


Now, I had a bit of an idea of how this day might go because I’d already done the first few hours once before.  But I decided that this time when Parker got the wish to go to the park to send him.  It was love day after all!  So I sent him to the park while I waited for the wish…


Yep.  All it took was love day for his parents to finally get the wish.  Now I remember it was love day that Amber and Bryce got married on.  And Nyssa and Malcolm actually.


Remember this guy?  His name is Curt.  I had Parker meet him when he aged up to young adult and Parker wasn’t interested.  While at the park he got the wish to flirt with someone.  I double checked the map and found that the only other young adult there was Curt.  It kinda ticked me off that the game just made Parker strait.  Curt was marked as bi.  So I had them chat for a few and then he flirted.  It went well and he got the wish to kiss someone.  So I thought what the heck and had him kiss Curt.


Opps.  Too soon.  But the wish was still there.  I guess because he refused the kiss?  So I kept at it.  By the way, I checked his tag on the map after the non-kiss and it now says he’s bi.  So I guess you have to actually make them flirt or whatever to set their sexual orientation.


This came out pretty good.  I think the lights had come on at the park.  They hung out and flirted and stuff for a few hours.  Parker did get his kiss.  When he got the wish to group up with Curt I tried but Curt said he was too tired so I sent Parker home with the wish locked in for another day.


Curt invited Parker to his house for a party the next day.  Must have been a set-up because nobody else showed up. Parker grouped up with him there and then got the wish to go on a date with him so I had him flirt and it changed to a date.  Not much happened.  He wanted to go to the movies but it seemed bugged.  It would show the movie icon but they would just stand outside instead of going in.  So I gave up and sent him home.


I believe this is the next day or the day after.  He wanted to go on a date with Curt again so I sent them to the art gallery figuring it was inside so he wouldn’t be miserable.


I decided that since his parents had the wish for him to be married locked that I could have him propose.  Cole said yes and then Parker got the wish for Curt to move in with him…


Oh my freaking god!  This scared the heck out of me and Parker both.  It didn’t affect Curt at all.  So I had it qued for him to ask Curt to move in right?  Then the full moon notice pops up and this happens.  He does ask for Curt to move in…


You do still want to marry me and move in even though I just peed myself in public right?  Yep he peed his pants!!!


Then, a completely clueless Curt leaves Parker at the art gallery to go to the house.  I send Parker home as well and he walks out the door and faints!  Geeze.  Keep this guy from the supernaturals.  Holy cow.


I couldn’t take this pic with the walls up so excuse them.  Curt turns out to have the alchemy aspiration so I had him quit his job and got him an alchemy station.  I managed to rearrange the room so they can work together.  Awe so sweet.


Curt’s only skill was athletic and most of his wishes are for working out so I got him this weight bench.  Yay!  I’m so excited to have him there.

Chapter 2.7

Chapter notes:

Wondering why everything’s about Parker even though it’s technically still Amber’s generation?  Well, for one she works most of the time.  Two, she’s already got her skills for work maxed and there’s not much else to do with her.  Around Love Day Bryce’s lifebar maxed.  He just paints and hangs out with the dog all day.  Most of the time Parker is inventing.

As to the life fruit that Parker needs… None of those plants were the right kind.  I found online that they have to be unknown “special” seeds so I’ll have to have her search some more.  I hope to have them grown by the time she dies or else Parker will have to learn gardening, or Curt can do it since he’ll need plants for alchemy I guess.

4 thoughts on “TS3- Wishacy 2.6: Love Day Rocks!

    1. Club? You mean the glow around him when he transformed? Anyway, he was a werewolf. Poor Parker, just got engaged and peed himself in front of his fiance!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s so funny. He only had that glow for the few seconds it took him to transform. I don’t know if any other supernaturals do that or not? Amber, the mermaid, just sort of spins in the water when she transforms.

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