TS3- Wishacy 2.7: Bachelors, Grooms and Babies

Chapter 2.7


Parker wanted to throw a bachelor party.  I had never done this before and didn’t realize until I looked it up online that I should have had him throw it at a bar or something.  It was seriously hilarious.


First one, then another male stripper showed up.  They really didn’t do anything but they had everyone’s attention.


For some crazy reason I don’t understand Curt decided to strip down to boxers and his hair got all crazy… that’s him in the checkered boxers.  Parker is spraying his brother Axle with nectar.


Then I happen to look into this room and there’s a few party crashers… one in his underwear!  0.0  The rest of the guests that you don’t recognize are all Curt’s family.  The guys anyway.


Cole didn’t show up so Parker asked his younger brother Axle to give the toast.  The tv was broken, which is why everyone is thinking of it.


Ack.  I used an auto-correct on the pictures this time and it really brightened this a lot!  It was the middle of the night and I sent Amber to the closest fishing spot until she got really tired then I sent her home to sleep.


Parker was tired and I was ready for the party to be over… the wedding was the next day and I wanted them all to get some sleep!  So I clicked on the tired moodlet and it said “sleep on floor” or something like that.  He just collapsed.


The whole night sims kept doing that so it must be something to do with the party type.


Finally, Parker went to nap on the bed and Curt went to nap on a lounge chair… and this creepy fireman comes into their room checking himself out in the mirror!

  • Nobody started leaving until 6am.  I think the last sim left at 9am.  Amber was the only one that got much sleep since she’s the only one I can make “sleep” instead of naps.  So I sent her to work and planned to have the wedding when she got home.  Meanwhile, I got everyone’s needs up the best I could.


Alright so the house was royally trashed from the night before.  The kitchen sink and dishwasher were both broken and there were piles of clothes everywhere.  I bought the arch and some other stuff for the wedding and invited both their families.  Then I hit a snag.  I couldn’t get them married.  I was on Parker and clicking the arch did nothing and there was no option under romance to get married.  I searched online to no avail.  I was so frustrated and hours went by with me messing around trying to figure it out.


Are you freaking kidding me?!?  I finally figure out that if I have Curt click on the arch instead of Parker the option to get married is there.  While waiting for everyone that’s stuck in the doorway to get there I hear the damned music! The house next door is getting haunted again!  I decide to just persevere and worry about the wedding.  So I heard that music through the whole thing.


Just like Sims 4 weddings, most of the guests don’t sit down.  For some reason, a bunch of them were booing some sim that’s related to Curt.  It was really annoying.


The water makes them look really weird.  In the whole shuffle, I forgot to check Curt’s formalwear.  I’m so not thrilled with the suitjacket/shorts combo.  I didn’t even notice it at the bachelor party… probably ‘cuz he stipped to boxers near the start.


Yay they’re married.  The guy with the thought bubble with the party sign crossed out left saying it was a terrible party.  How rude.

  • This is about the time that my game froze up again.  *sigh*  Luckily it unfroze long enough for me to save and then froze right after that.  I had told Parker to cut the cake, he walked over there and it froze.  After like an hour of messing around I finally got the game to run again and errortrap reset him.  So apparently he was stuck or something?  I don’t know.  Errortrap pops up constantly and I really don’t understand why.


So the cake never got “cut”.  Parker got reset and I teleported him back next to the cake and then everyone started taking some.


I guess I should have made tables outside.  I thought they would sit in the chairs and hold their plates but they all headed inside and got stuck in the front door.


Chaos ensued.  Parker was trying to clean up all of the dirty clothes laying everywhere, everyone was freaking out because the house was a mess and everything was broken.  Parker was so tired he was about to pass out and Pip the dog was upset.  The game kept freezing for like 5 seconds at a time and restarting.  Out of frustration I reset all the sims in the neighborhood and sent everyone in the house to bed.  But it was still freezing.  So I looked online and found that with mastercontroller I can reset the whole neighborhood.  It took about 15 minutes and there were like 200 script errors.  Everything has run smoothly since then so whatever was causing the problem was fixed… for now.


I could just kiss Bryce for this wish!  I was hoping for a maid wish or maybe a repairman.  He wished for a bonehilda! She keeps glitching out but I don’t care.  She’s slowly fixing up and cleaning everything in the house.


When Parker and Curt got married his parents both got the wish to be grandparents.  I know I could somehow use the mod to make one of them pregnant but I didn’t want to.  So they adopted a baby boy named Clay.  He came with the good and excitable traits.  (I didn’t think about it until after I named him that I now have a Cole, Curt and Clay to mix the names up of!)


Bryce ran right over and picked him up.  Meanwhile, the social worker doesn’t even notice the chaos of the house and just hightails it out of there.


Amber comes in from swimming and rocks with the baby while Bryce celebrates.  With only a couple of days to go before his adult birthday, Parker is finally a dad.  Annoyingly, it shows Clay as Curt’s step-son instead of his son too.

Chapter 2.8

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