TS3- Wishacy 2.8: Traveling in Time

Chapter 2.8


The neighbors don’t seem too thrilled with the noise Parker’s miner makes.


He dug a tunnel!


Down he goes!  Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything exciting.


Napping in Clay’s room.  The funny thing is, Clay woke up and started to cry and Parker slept through it.  Bryce came in and changed his diaper.


Just as I suspected, none of the seeds that Amber planted last fall were the lifefruit plant.  She goes searching and finds 5 special seeds.  Two of which turn out to be death flower plants.  I’m still waiting for the others to mature.


One cool plant that she got was a money tree.  When she harvested it she got 3 bags of money worth ~$60.


Parker is back to inventing.  I had the idea to have him travel in the time machine to see if he gets a kid.


Amber wanted to upgrade something.  They never use this food replicator but I figured she can upgrade it anyway.  It seriously took her the entire day.  It’s kinda ridiculous.


Ah man gross!


Parker ages up to adult.


And Clay ages up to toddler.  Yes, he aged up with that horrible haircut again.


It’s kinda hard to tell what they’ll look like when they’re toddlers.  I ended up giving him more hair.


Grandpa Bryce is well over 100 now and still kicking.


I realized there were no toys in the house for him.  I couldn’t find a place to put the dollhouse so I put it on the front porch.  It’s covered, don’t worry he won’t get rained on.


Okay, so I was STILL having freeze ups.  I tried resetting the town again but this time no errors were reported.  I started paying attention to the error reports and noticed that I kept getting “unroutable sim” reports all with sims with the same last name.  My first inclination was to just go into edit town and delete the family.  Then when I found them and saw their “house” I realized what was going on!  The danged thing is like a floating houseboat without a dock or anything!  I moved them to a house in town and deleted the house and lot.  Problem solved.  The game is fine now.


Ohmygosh finally someone got a wish to do laundry!  It was piled everywhere smelling up a storm.  I guess bonehilda isn’t programmed to do laundry.


None of the sims in the house got wishes to teach Clay any toddler skills when he aged up.  In this case, Amber had autonomously decided to start teaching him to walk.  It didn’t last though because his needs were too low.


Yes!  The time machine is built.  He traveled to the past several times… no kid came back with him so far.


It looks really cool when he’s traveling.


They woohoo’d in it but it didn’t get any cool animations or anything.


Just thought they looked cute.


Parker wanted a gem cutting machine so I had him start cutting gems.  I only realized later that his late night gem cutting in the garage was waking everyone in the house!  Oops.


Edit: I forgot to put this in the post.  Pip found a pink diamond!

Chapter 2.9

Chapter notes:

This chapter should be longer but Curt got the wish to “have his first child” darn game doesn’t count Clay as his.  So I thought it would be cool if they tried for baby in the time machine.  It took forever to get the right setting so that they could try for baby… then he didn’t get pregnant and no kid showed up in from the machine.  What did happen was tons of freaking notices from the mod that made no sense.  They were popping up like every few seconds.  I ended up just quitting without saving because whatever setting I changed that made those pop-ups needed to go away.  *sigh*  Me and mods.

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