TS3- Wishacy 2.9: Home from the Cave

Chapter 2.9


After disabling the story progression mod I had Parker and Curt try for baby in the past again.  Then got distracted, saved the game and didn’t play again until the next day.


Well okay, I saved after this happened.  I saw this on CathyTea’s Sims 3 Whisper story and said it’s never happened to me and then it did!  The alien walked around testing the plants for awhile then got in her spaceship and left.  Nobody was awake to go talk to her.


I had this brilliant idea that since Curt had the wish to have a baby they should try for baby.  I’ve read that there’s no pregnancy morphs for males though so I downloaded some.  Ummm Amber, can’t you see they’re a little busy here?


Apparently not.  She sat there and read the whole time.  In Sims 4 they shoo them out of the room.  Creepy.


Hahahaha!  I forgot they had tried for baby in the time machine!


So this is the future eh?


I couldn’t figure out what she was doing when she came out of the garage.  She was playing chase with that racoon!


Just then, while having Parker and Curt try for baby again and watching the new addition to the household run around, Bryce dies on me!  I mean, he was well over 100 but I just wasn’t expecting it.


Janet, the new teen from the past, runs into the house to grieve the grandfather she never met.  *sigh*  Let the mourning begin.


Then she has a chit-chat with Grim.


After 4 tries I finally got the baby jingle.  With Sims 3 you can’t just spam try for baby either.  You have to have them do other interactions between that.  Unfortunately, nothing happened.  Despite the baby jingle nobody got pregnant.


Pip goes to investigate the raccoon that is still lurking outside.  See that weird glowing thing behind them?  It’s tiberiam…. or something like that.  Pip found it and Parker had it cut.  When he got it out of the mail it made him sick.  I vaguely remembered this happening in my runaway teen challenge so I dragged it onto the ground and in a few days it grew.  It’s now worth over $40,000, which seems way too cheaty to me so I think I’ll just leave it in the yard.


After discovering the internet, Janet decides she wants to look hip and gets some new clothes.  Yay for the blue hair!


I really hate to say this, but I’ve never really warmed up to Clay.  I think it might be because none of them ever get any wishes regarding him.  He was never trained in any toddler skills.  I snapped this pic because it’s rare to see anyone even holding him without me telling them to.  Other than putting him in the darned crib when he’s not tired!


Bonehilda is only let out when the house is in dire need of cleaning and nobody will do it autonomously.  The reason is because she’s obsessed with Clay and the dog.  She just stands and stares at Clay.  He will get a thing with her picture saying something like “be taken from crib” but she can’t do it so she just stands there.  Or she will try training the dog.  Which is great but the dog needs to work on his wishes and he doesn’t have any wishes to be trained.


Pip’s main wish is to get to the next level in his hunting skill.  The red plumbob is because Bryce died and he lost a friend.  No idea what friend he lost.  Probably one of the brothers that moved out.  He did get the next level of the skill… and found another pink diamond in the process.  He’s only a few points short of the 20,000 he needs for the young again potion and he hasn’t gotten any new wishes!  His life bar has been full for about a week and I’m going to be so ticked off if he dies with only a few points needed.


It’s Spooky Day and Janet wanted to trick or treat.  This is the first time I’ve gotten this wish and I was so disappointed that their 2 neighbors weren’t home.


This is also the first time anyone has gotten the wish to throw a costume party.


Something went wacky in the game and their thought bubbles started coming up blank and then the pictures of other sims in their wishes were blank too.  Eventually, it went to normal.


Awe look two bunnies!  This is the first costume party since Nyssa went to Malcolm’s house in one of the first chapters of the first generation.  I didn’t even pay attention to the costumes that day.


You know the party crashers?  Would you believe that Curt’s old dog Bruno crashed the party?!


Ohmygosh this is so cute!


Pip and Bruno become acquainted and then Bruno leaves and the party ends.  So funny.


It’s time for Clay to age to child and Curt to age to adult.


Time just feels like it’s flying by!


Here’s Clay as a child.  He got the slob trait, lovely.


Parker got this wish just as I was saving the game.  It will happen!

Chapter 3.0

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