TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.2: Rockets and Roommates

House 004 Chapter 2


I unpaused the game when I started it back up and got this notification right away.  His mommy died.  So I had him spend pretty much the whole weekend with his dad.  They went to the park, he invited him to his lot and they went to a dance party at the bluffs.  Why am I telling you about all of this instead of showing you?  Because my computer restarted and I didn’t realize that Fraps never opened back up.  So the whole time I thought I was taking pictures and I wasn’t.  I’ve decided to stop using it altogether and just use C to let the game take the pictures.  I really can’t remember my reasoning for using Fraps anymore anyway.


Wade died shortly after the last time Brett saw him.  It’s hard with these challenges letting go of what was my main sim in the last house.  Especially when, in this case, he died so early into the next house.

TS4_x64 2016-07-12 23-44-21-45

He had enough money to buy the rocket and outline the downstairs of the house.  The blank space will be a deck type area.  I decided I’d much rather him have his own rocket instead of just using the one at work so that some nights he can work on it and just use a moodlet solver potion.

07-13-16_6-54-48 PM

His twin sister Brie and cousin Patrick help him build the rocket.  His dad was there too but unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of him.  He died later that day.

07-13-16_7-11-23 PM

This save is swarming with elders!  I get notifications constantly of sims dying.  It’s super annoying!  What’s also annoying is trying to find a sim to move in with him.  I planned out the house for room for a roommate in addition to the required alien.  So far, the only young adults that he’s met or is related to don’t have jobs.

07-13-16_7-32-21 PM

The rocket is complete and he sits and has some breakfast before heading to work on Monday.

07-13-16_9-56-09 PM

Back to the grindstone.  So far most of his work tasks are pretty boring.  Every day I look forward to when he fills up his task meter so he can dig the dig sites.

07-13-16_10-01-22 PM

I finally was able to drag that urn outside.  Now all of the co-workers go out there and mourn at the grave.  I’ve seen three of them out there at once before.

07-13-16_10-19-30 PM

When he gets home from work every day I scope out the neighborhood for any young adults and have him introduce himself and see if they have a job and what some of their traits are.

07-13-16_10-22-41 PM

This girl was really pretty and had a job but I decided to hold off because I was hoping for someone with a different color hair than black.

07-13-16_10-39-21 PM

Back to work.  He’s furiously tapping on that screen.  It was so funny.  As if whatever he was working on was so important.

07-13-16_10-55-48 PM

He’s putting an upgrade on the rocket…

07-13-16_11-01-02 PM

…when I spot this girl.  I really like the look of her.  I stop him upgrading and make him run all the way over and meet her.

07-13-16_11-02-09 PM

Ohmygosh you have a job!?!  You’re a scientist like me?  That’s great!  Want to move in with me?  (hehehe)

07-13-16_11-17-15 PM

Okay so I spent forever making her a cool outfit and putting makeup and everything on her… only to realize that the outfit I was changing was her formal wear!  This was her everyday wear.

  • Laurie Camp, 16 days from adult, cheerful, outgoing and klepto.  Level 7 scientist and level 10 gardening.

07-13-16_11-24-01 PM

She looks so cool!

07-13-16_11-27-02 PM

I cave and buy Brett a nice bed.  I didn’t want to spend the money on a crappy one and sell it later.  He spent a good amount of time getting his friendship up with Laurie so he had to go right to sleep after she moved in.

07-13-16_11-27-25 PM

Meanwhile, Laurie’s needs are all full.  So she plays games on her phone.

07-13-16_11-30-41 PM

And talks to the plants.

  • I wasn’t sure what would happen when it was time for work since they’re in the same active career.  It pops up asking if I want to join her first and then it pops up asking to join him.  Whew, I was worried.  I actually didn’t save until after I found out what would happen because if it automatically sent me with her I was screwed.

07-13-16_11-43-56 PM

This is the first time he’s been required to drink a serum.  It’s actually only the second serum he’s ever made.  He has been doing seriously boring stuff at work until this point.  Of course, the serum made him very angry.

07-13-16_11-44-25 PM

This is the only guy he’s got a decent relationship with and he started telling him off!  I had to stop him.


Angry poop?  I laughed so hard!

07-13-16_11-50-19 PM

He didn’t have to go to the bathroom and can’t make tainted serum yet so he got his relationship up with this guy and took his dna.

07-14-16_12-02-00 AM

Back home I splurged on a fridge, counter, table and chairs.  The salad is for Laurie.  While they were at work her needs dropped the whole time!  By the time they got home hers were terrible.  Ugh.

07-14-16_12-08-37 AM

His twin sister Brie stops by and meets Laurie.

07-14-16_12-15-57 AM

While the girls chat Brett spends most of the night upgrading the rocket.

07-14-16_12-18-02 AM

First trip into space!  Sadly, he brought nothing back.

07-14-16_12-24-43 AM

When he got home from his trip to space he evolved all of the plants then when he was too uncomfortable to do anything else he drank a moodlet solver potion.

07-14-16_12-32-45 AM

Yes!  Finally, he makes the simray!  This is seriously the third time he’s used this invention constructor other than brainstorming or talking to it.

07-14-16_12-35-08 AM

Hehehe  I have no idea who she was but she had it coming!

07-14-16_12-36-00 AM

Then he gets the task to invent the satellite!  Best workday ever.  He contacted aliens and they called him on the phone and then he set the neighborhood hivemind to dance party and all of his coworkers started dancing.  He got promoted to level 5 and I decided that was enough fun for now.

Chapter 004.3

Chapter notes:

I took the advice of some other drifters and spent some of his points on traits.  I got entrepreneurial, morning sim and night owl.

Age check: 7 days to adult

Skills check: Rocket Science 5

House value: $16,717… as you’ve seen, the house isn’t much of a priority for me yet.

He still needs to meet and move in an alien and I’d like to find another roommate since he’ll most likely end up hooking up with Laurie.

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    1. It really is. When started house 005 today I deleted almost every house with elders in it. I feel like if there’s so many households already that the game won’t generate more with young adults.

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