TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.3: Sixam!

House 004 Chapter 3

07-15-16_10-56-10 AM

I admit I wasn’t much interested in playing when I started the game back up this time.  It seemed like nothing was going as I planned.  The only good thing that had happened was him meeting Laurie.  So I ended up spending the first night with him upgrading the rocket.

07-15-16_11-18-22 AM

I had intended to have him use a moodlet solver potion before work but his needs weren’t too bad so I decided against it.  By the time he finished his required tasks for the day though he was tired so I just had him nap until it was time to go home.

07-15-16_11-36-47 AM

I still haven’t gotten his relationship with Laurie beyond friends but you’d think she’d use the bed when he’s not in it at least.  He stayed up all night upgrading the rocket and she slept in the tent.

07-15-16_11-40-51 AM

This time, he definitely needed the moodlet solver.

07-15-16_12-00-54 PM

After making the poor girl sleep in the tent since she moved in I decided to take some time off of the rocket and built their relationship.  It was really easy.  A little flirting…

07-15-16_12-04-56 PM

…a first kiss…

07-15-16_12-07-38 PM

…first woohoo in a bush…

07-15-16_12-16-21 PM

…and a proposal.  I hadn’t planned to have him propose yet but he got the whim to so I figured why not?

07-15-16_12-38-30 PM

*sigh*  If you’d have drank the potion outside when I told you to you wouldn’t have passed out!

07-15-16_12-50-09 PM07-15-16_12-51-13 PM07-15-16_12-51-33 PM07-15-16_12-55-23 PM

He got the whim to get married in the morning so off they went to the Von Haunt Estate and the conveniently placed wedding arch…. then home for some rocket woohoo!

07-15-16_1-44-01 PM

At work he contacted aliens and they all showed up in disguise.  He met them and asked but none of them had jobs. Too bad.  At least he knows them now so when it’s time to move someone in he can just call one.

07-15-16_2-07-02 PM

Yessss!  The wormhole generator complete, Brett travels to Sixam.  He’d just had a moodlet solver a bit before and has several hours to collect stuff before work.

07-15-16_2-10-03 PM

I think somehow the alien outfit got replaced by this CC wedding gown.  In my Xenophilia challenge, I kept seeing aliens wearing it.

07-15-16_2-16-04 PM

The things I was most interested in collecting were the harvestables.  I had them in my Ambrosia Challenge and made a fortune off of them.

07-15-16_3-03-41 PM

After work the next day I decided to work on the house for a bit.  Since the rocket is complete I don’t have to worry about needing money for that anymore.

07-15-16_3-03-50 PM

Here’s the upstairs so far.  The area on the right will be 3 small bedrooms and another bathroom.  I decided to just forget the whole 2 bedroom one bath thing with this house.  Especially since there will be an alien living with them. When I planned the house out I was also figuring he’d have a roommate too.  But that never happened.

07-15-16_3-08-35 PM

The plants start growing.  He also got a UFO plant from one of his space travels.  It’s the first I’ve ever gotten!

07-15-16_3-48-09 PM

His cousin Patrick came to visit him and I was thinking how much it sucked that I had planned to move him in and too bad he never got a job… when I had him ask again and he had a job!  Brett instantly invites him to move in!

07-15-16_3-52-37 PM

So I got to thinking, I wonder if any of the aliens that he met at work have a job now?  He called this one, Randy and yes, he has a job!  C’mon down alien boy!

07-15-16_3-59-52 PM

I had him chat with him until he glowed so ya’ll could see he really is an alien.

07-15-16_4-10-02 PM

Laurie wakes up to find Brett’s cousin Patrick and some strange guy living with them.  LOL

07-15-16_4-38-26 PM

And with that, Brett aged to adult the next day.

Chapter 004.4

Chapter notes:

Patrick is a level 5 secret agent.  His traits are gloomy, loves the outdoors and bro.  He has 3 days to age to adult.

Randy is a secret agent level 10!  His traits are loner, hot-headed and genius.  He has 16 days to age to adult.

Brett is level 6 in the Science career and should get a promotion the next time he works.  I can’t decide if they should try for baby when he hits level 7 or 8.  Probably 8, just to be safe.

House value check: $32,293.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.3: Sixam!

  1. I need to read up on the rules to this challenge because it looks like it would be fun. As in all challenges there are times when you hit the boredom wall .. But usually if you muscle past it

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